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VANDERPUMP RULES: Getting Real About Jax and Scheana’s Control of Shay

VANDERPUMP RULES aired the “Sex, Lies and Stassi’s Videotape” episode in which Jax faced his boss and his friends after his arrest for stealing a pair of sunglasses during his Hawaii vacation.

It was a far cry from his usual brashness and excuse-filled speeches. He humbled himself, either by apologizing or repaying Schwartz for putting up the bond money to get him released.

That’s not what you’ll see in the TMZ.com video clip posted directly below. It’s all a “misunderstanding” he keeps saying, while the truth is he was stinking drunk, announced he was leaving the store with the glasses and expected it wouldn’t be a big deal to the store owner or anyone else. Oops, that didn’t happen.

It was in the meeting with his boss, Lisa Vanderpump that Jax got told there would be consequences, over and above what he’ll have to pay to end the legal case in Hawaii.

Lisa suspended him for two weeks. Why didn’t she fire him?

During their talk, we got to see flashback scenes of Jax admitting to stealing not just liquor from SUR, but tables settings, silverware and more. Jax either denied knowing what she was talking about, or minimized it by asking, “How many times did I do that?”, as if to say it was of no consequence.

Vanderpump even included in the “stealing” pot his sexual betrayal of Tom Sandoval when he slept with Kristen, not once, but twice.

Lisa’s best line was:

“You’re either a drunk or a thief, Jax. You always think you can take what’s not yours…without paying for it.” Yet she didn’t terminate his employment.

Who else thinks that Jax can’t face the side of him that lies all the time and takes things that aren’t his? He has so much invested in being a nice guy and a people pleaser. When he gets called on it, he can’t imagine that others see him as unreliable and a serial liar.

Why not make him sit down and have the show producers put together one long reel of his lies, and force him to sit in a chair and watch? Would it change anything? At the age of 36, maybe it’s time for him to get some help.

Then there’s Scheana, who has hubby Shay tied up in knots with her rules about his drinking and partying.

They had one argument in Hawaii about Shay getting drunk as he sat around with everyone else who was getting that way, or close to it. Then Scheana turned the tables on Shay, giving him permission to get toasted at the big dinner to celebrate their anniversary, because they were alone and because she said it was okay.

Oh yes and one more piece of advice for Shay. “Don’t get sh—t faced and don’t be a bore,” which means you’ve got to get toasted enough to be fun, but that’s it.

Isn’t that what Tom Sandoval has been saying about her? She makes it all up as she goes along, but mostly it’s about how Shay behaves when she wants to have fun. See, if he drinks to excess while she has fun, but goes beyond a particular level of “fun”, Scheana goes bonkers.

Between sh—t faced and a bore is the key. She’s decided that despite his inability to level it all off her husband is not an alcoholic. Here’s how she made that decision.

“You’re not hiding bottles in your backpack. You’re not getting up at 6:00 a.m., taking a shot of tequila and coming back to bed. You don’t need to go to a rehab.”

In his one-on-one camera time, Shay explained why he puts up with it.

“It’s still frustrating to have her count my drinks or telling me when I can, this and that. I married a hot, awesome person. It’s not worth it to fight over it.”

Sad, right? At some point, her “hotness” may not be enough to keep Shay around. But, until he can deal with his drinking habit, he’s willing to be on the Scheana leash, which she pulls tight whenever necessary.

For Scheana to get real she might want to meet with people in twelve-step programs, both for those that live with alcoholics and who themselves are staying sober, to understand that she’s become as much, if not more of a problem than Shay.

Bravo TV airs new episodes of VANDERPUMP RULES, Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: Bravo TV. Video credit: TMZ.com

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