THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND Recap: Season 3 Finale Leaves Questions as Laginas Agree to Continue the Search

UPDATED: Exclusivie sneak peek of new season: It’s the Money Pit!

The Season Three Finale of THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND on History Channel was entitled, “Secrets and Revelations.” So, were there any?

Planning, pre-planning and digging have stretched over literally decades on Oak Island to lead up to the 10X dive featured on the Season Three Finale of THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND. Legend says that “one more must die” before the treasure can ever be found; did the Lagina brothers prove legend wrong with their dive into the 27”-wide hole by world-renowned diver John Chatterton?

The brothers, along with the vast number of viewers, have been anticipating this day. Unfortunately, Marty Lagina and business partner Craig Tester were grounded in Michigan by a hurricane threat, and were unable to be on the island for the dive; fortunately, video technology allowed them to “be there” in spirit, if not in actual person.

But, did they find anything?

The brothers thought, from a previous scan, that there were two vertical posts in the chamber. It became clear pretty quickly that one of the “posts” was actually a metal drill pipe. It was murky, and there was not much to see. The bottom was clay, which seemed to go along with the idea that the cavern was natural, not man-made. And, in the area of the “body?”

According to Chatterton, there was an area of depression and some sinkholes. But, was there a man-made tunnel? Chatterton did enter the tunnel, and said it was rectangular with a lot of clay and rock. It had to be crawled into–no walking in–and it was irregular and crumbly in texture. So, man-made or natural?

We’re certainly not cave exploration experts or geologists, but it absolutely sounded natural when they discussed it.

Regardless, it was impressive that Chatterton could get into that 27” shaft and into the chamber.

Oh, and the second of the two “posts”–a large, square wooden post that Dan Blankenship had sworn he had seen years ago–did not exist, by the way. And, sonar information proved to be all myths and shadows, as well: no wooden posts, no box (which turned out to be a big rock) and no body.

And, odds of the chamber being man-made?

“I think it looks like a natural formation,” Chatterton concluded.

Rick just refused to be reasonable, in our honest opinion, saying of Chatterton’s conclusion, “Is he correct? I don’t know. Again, we don’t have eyes on target; he’s feeling, with his feet, with his hands.” And, later, refusing to accept the idea that the formation was natural, despite all obvious evidence. “Pretty sobering,” he said, but also added in a camera cameo, after refusing to take 10X off the search grid, “The only way to get definitive answers at the bottom of 10X is to drain it.”

We like Rick, appreciate his passion, have had a lot of fun following along with his dream, but we agree with Marty on this one:  It’s time to “put an X in 10X and move on to other places on that island.”

Next week, fans are no doubt hoping a Season Finale for aftershow “Drilling Down” will bring answers to the new mystery started at the Money Pit. Did the Laginas actually find something of a treasure redemption at the Money Pit site? We don’t know but, to tell you the truth, after the complete zero at the bottom of 10X, we don’t have a lot of faith in all of the light-and-shadows “facts” the Laginas are chasing on this hunt. And, the gold cross that the descendants of treasure hunter Daniel McGinnis claimed came from the original Money Pit? In our opinion, just more light-and-shadows.

But, we’ll stay tuned.

Of course, now that there is nothing much to see in 10X, it is time for the Laginas to try and locate whatever they can from the original Money Pit; fans had to see that one coming! And, recently, the guys thought they may have found an underground cavern in the area. On the Season Finale, using a camera to examine the area of the presumed void, the team thought they found a shiny piece of golden material–treasure?–in the original area of the Money Pit. “Curious,” Rick said; a little too convenient, we must add.

What do fans of THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND think? Is it time to move on from 10X, or just time to drain it? The gold cross from the McGinnis sisters? And, the shiny metal captured via camera at the original Money Pit? Leave your opinions in the comment section below.

Of course, the biggest question has yet to be answered by History Channel:  Will there be a Season Four of THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND? The Laginas did agree with their team to continue the search; will History Channel be there with them?

Stay tuned.

THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND airs on History Channel; the Season Finale of aftershow “Drilling Down” will air on History Channel on Tuesday, February 9 at 9/8c.

Image:  History Channel via Facebook

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27 thoughts on “THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND Recap: Season 3 Finale Leaves Questions as Laginas Agree to Continue the Search

  1. Well, I have always doubted the rationale of pirates or templars sailing across the ocean and digging a 200 ft cavern to bury treasure (wouldn’t 20 ft be deep enough). Regardless, I still have found Oak Island fun to watch. Mostly because the people in the show are likable, even if a little misguided.

    The History Channel has done a good job, again, of finding likable characters that most people can relate too. But they are trying too hard to find ways to make this series relevant.

  2. The biggest mistake the producers have made over the last couple seasons, in addition to continuing a practice of including 15 minutes of show among flashbacks, reviews, and ads, was the introduction of a parade of theorists of questionable merit. The trip to Europe was merely an opportunity to bring in people from the Prometheus stable who had already spouted their theories on America Unearthed. Allowing Pultizer to participate was inane. You will not see him in any reruns as he and Burns are now publicly feuding and volleying ad hominems back and forth.

    As for the Laginas, I believe their characterization of the Don Quijote idealist and Sancho Panza realist is more the invention of the producers. Rick’s intransigence serves to keep viewers convinced of The Impossible Dream. If anything were to be found, much as in the case of a bigfoot or ancient alien, it would hit the media long before an episode could be broadcast.

    It continues to be an interesting show, more due the dynamics between the characters than for the treasure. And it will continue to do relatively well in the ratings, until another one comes along to replace it.

  3. Curiously missing from this episode was Dan Blankenship and his response to the fat that the team pretty much discredited his entire life’s work in one episode.

  4. I have to agree with Rick here is this: Drain it. It’s the only way to be sure, and it’s also part of solving one of the mysteries that has been on, and around, the island for decades now. For not only the sake of solving a few mysteries, to the vast amounts of work and energy given by Mr. Blankenship for over 4-decades now, if you are going to really, truly, solve 10X and let him know what, exactly, he seen, you have to drain it!! You made a promise to yourselves to solve the mysteries of the island. You made a promise of same to many others. And you made such to us, the television viewers that enjoy and support you all more than you know!! Well, in the interests of not only keeping your word, but also more than a few promises, which by the way comes with and under Honor in a number of ways….Drain it. Rick know this. I know and understand this. Why doesn’t everyone else?!!? Besides, like it has been said, shared, and stated before: Once in, ALL in. We’re NOT giving up, OR giving in. Remember??

    I would really like to know a bit more about the coconut and other fibers found, in addition to IF there is a way to float a GPR-device out a few feet into the water to see IF there MIGHT be anything picked up with, from, doing such….???. If the water level has risen, that would have prevented any excavations done there even before Mr. Blankenship started, which therefore would have preserved something. What IS “that something”?? Could it be something that might be detected that way?? Research and all else has shown and proven that the coconut fibers are not of, or from, there, so….????. The biggest of things are made of, and from, the smallest. Darn sure worth a look more into.

    Another thing to look more into is that hand-made map that Mr. Nolan spent endless amounts of hours making. With all the details, the careful attention he put into making it, I myself would love to see that more carefully looked into, covered, compared to what’s now versus what was where when he drew it, and go over things carefully. Keep in-mind that all these guys are treasure hunters also!! And while we can all say what ever we wish and will, no guy that has any amount of competitive edge wants to come in 2nd, and or have an “I told you so” said by anyone. Face facts. It’s human nature.

    As for the historian that said that those leaves on the stone were tobacco leaves, I myself have to serious wonder if they are not in-fact an attempt to draw corn leaves?? Certainly something to look into also, and worth considering.

    Sometimes, the biggest of things are found from the smallest of clues. And an old-saying says: “If you wish to hide something, you hide in an obvious area.”. Marty is going to probably want to take a chunk out my saying this, but again I am in agreement with Rick here, in that the swamp needs to be examined more extensively. Don’t know what it is about people and water, though many seem to be allergic to it. Given this, and given it’s probably like Smith’s Cove in that no one tore the living heck out of it decades ago, it needs to be gone over. Again. Sorry Marty. But, again, once in, all in. And we are all here to solve the many mysteries. Right?? 🙂

  5. I love the journey Rick&Marty have taken us on. The adventure of the treasure and pleasure of being a part of it.The respect they treat everyone with. Bringing so many people back who had loved ones that work so hard there and sharing with them
    Rick&Marty are special people with a great story to tell can’t wait for the next season. see you soon

  6. The History Channels journey of Rick & Marty on Oak Island
    is over for me, regardless if there’s a season 4 or not. Tired of
    playing in the mud.


  7. I am seeing some normal reactions of people who have no idea of what it takes to be a true treasure hunter. Rick has been called unreasonable in his dedication to searching for this treasure. Average people with what they consider reasonable dedication will never be the one who discovers treasure. Mel Fisher was another totally unreasonable treasure hunter with a drive and dedication that left many so called “reasonable” treasure hunters in his dust, nay, he left them in his bubbles. Mel would not quit even after suffering the loss of a child due to the sinking of one of his treasure hunting boats during his search. It takes this kind of drive and dedication to be successful when all others fail. Marty is the watchdog that tries to keep his brother safe from getting totally out of hand and doing something that might get him hurt. He seems to be the sensible one who can talk to Rick about anything he feels might be to dangerous or possibly risky and could do harm to his big brother. Finding a middle ground and reasonable reasons to dig, bore and search is Marty’s sensible approach where Rick would jump headlong into anything he felt needed looking into.

    Someone said that the show where the diver went down destroyed dicredited Dan Blankenship’s life’s work on 10X. I don’t think Rick or Marty would consider it as such. I hope Dan would not think they were out to destroy what he said either. Just because he saw something 40 years ago that was not seen or felt in a braille dive of very short duration doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. I have dove wrecks several times and not seen something in the first 4 or 5 dives that suddenly was laying right out in plain view. And that was in clear water with 20 feet of visibility. Mel’s find was in an area of high tourist activity of fishing, snorkeling and diving. Hundreds of people must have been within a few feet and not seen it. I myself had been in that exact area years before Mel. I saw nothing! I will go with Rick’s unreasonable dedication long before believing the negative attitudes of normal viewers who have never dedicated their every fiber into looking for treasure. Never give up, Rick and Marty, you never know when the next dive, next dig or the next discovery will be the one that proves everyone else wrong and you as the next Mel Fisher. I hope to see you with bank accounts bulging at the seams just like Mel’s. Mel always used to say that “Today is the day”, Believe it! Good Luck, Guys.

  8. I think that 10X is done. How can u drain it (and at what cost) when there is a “current” running through it. Use the money to DRAIN THE SWAMP not 10X!!!!

  9. It seems you have two groups working at cross-purposes. The “investors” (although no one knows how much skin they have in the game) looking for treasure. And Burns and Prometheus (although no one knows how much they are bankrolling this) wanting to drag this out as long as they can. Remember, if anything is discovered, the series is over. Which means Burn’s payday is over except for reruns. Which may well be why he keeps sending in theorists to extend the individual shows and send people off to Europe.

    It’s pretty clear the production crew heads up for a few days at a time and with a shooting schedule, which dictates what everyone is supposed to do, and why they hop from one place to another, instead on concentrating on one spot. No one knows what goes on when they are not there, if anything.

    But this is the reality of “reality” television. Everything is scripted. And, in this case, the big winners are Burns and Prometheus.

  10. Drain 10X. The entire reason for the diver was because of safety concerns of the cavern collapsing. Now that you’ve basically crossed it off in terms of being man made, you might as well spend the $50 in gas to run a pump, and pump out the damn water. If it collapses no big deal, if it doesn’t, go take a peak on foot. The main point is that it costs virtually nothing to run a water pump.

    That thing that looked like gold in the money pit drill hole? The light was yellow. Everything looks like gold with a yellow light. Just another natural cavern imho.

    Drain the swamp, dig it up down to 200ft. Oak island can then be crossed off totally.

  11. Where are the treasures ?? and who is funding this expensive series ;
    I hope they do find something soon it seems to drag on and on and on
    Keep your eye on Rick if they don’t find anything Rick might jump into 10X and he will be the #7 person that died

  12. I was a bit let down finding out that there was nothing down there in 10-X. But I suspected as much. I’m not surprised that they didn’t find a sign that said “KILROY WAS HERE”. Having worked with the SEALAB II divers, I’m curious as to why their latest diver using a Heliox mix didn’t have a high pitched voice (“Donald Duck”). Was it because they added more Nitrogen to the mix?

    They leave too many “discorveries” unfinished. They exposed one side of a wood wall but did not dig to see what was on the other side. They found coconut fiber and eel grass off shore but did not dig down to see what it was covering. There methods of sifting through muck and debris is not finite enough. And most of all, some of the assistance they pay top dollar for do not use equipment I would consider safe enough such as those clamps I referred to when they tried to pull up the 27-inch pipe.

    Sure wish I could be there next season and throw in my two-cents worth. But, even while going on 80 years old, I have a family to watch after as well as a 47,000 tonne Battleship (USS Iowa) in San Pedro to watch after.

  13. I’m in disbelief :(!! However, I’m in belief with Rick —- DRAIN 10X, and not only to show us (tv viewers) what’s down there, but maybe show the team. The whole point for sending a diver down there was to find out was it safe to go down there — be prepared for a collapse though. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t — but be prepared. For certain I would explore the money pit. Especially that they have found another way behind it. My hat off to Jack Begley he’s really a treasure hunter! He’s in a lot of the major episodes.
    What I BELEIVE is down there is the Ark Of The Convent guys. All the evidence points towards it; I forgot the last presenter name, but he was right in saying “if you hide something that sugginiffent, you are going to want boobie taps galilore.” Not only one treasure, but two — the Swamp is hiding something valuable.

  14. Drain it? With flood tunnels supplying water at the bottom ? Think about how the Brooklyn bridge was constructed. Presssurize it… Spray seal as you go. Periodic crossbrace to reinforce. Don’t send in a diver. Send in an astronot. Add a lot of food coloring before it starts. Really find out where the water is coming from. Force it backward.

  15. I really enjoyed watching this series and have been fascinated by the myths myself since visiting Oak Island years ago. But did anyone else find it frustrating when seemingly obvious leads were abandoned? The core sample of material consistent with “Chappelle’s vault”, to me, should become the focus of the treasure hunt. Instead of pursuing this clue, the next episodes explored things like Lot 6, Nolan’s reference point, off-shore sonar images, 10X, other shafts. If the Laginas think they found the vault at the money pit site, why are they wasting time looking elsewhere? I realize it’s expensive to dig it up, but how many other excavations and expenses are happening elsewhere? Wouldn’t it be prudent to consolidate all that effort, or are the producers trying to stretch this out into more fruitless seasons?

    I am also skeptical that anyone would risk transporting priceless treasures over vast ocean distances in ships at the mercy of weather, uncharted territory and piracy, especially when there are numerous locations in the Eastern Hempishere where things can be hidden. Also, who would bury Shakespeare’s manuscripts or Ten Commandment parchment below sea level or in a swamp and then use salt-water booby traps to protect such fragile artifacts? If there were any expectation of retrieving these valuables, would you really make them so inaccessible? If you never wanted them found, why not just destroy them? And who would bother boring hundreds of feet below the earth in elaborate chambers, using ancient techniques and super-complicated systems, and then leave a plethora of clues lying around?

    I admire the tenacity of these engaging and charismatic brothers, and enjoy their enthusiasm, but doubt they will profit from their ordeal. Good luck in Season Four! Despite my scepticism, I am cheering for you!

  16. Oak Island is THE best show on TV, bar none. Thank you to the History channel for bringing us so much entertainment and downright joy. We are cheering for Season Four and hope our voices will be heard. Keep going until there is a definitive answer to the question of underground tunnels and why they were dug in the first place. Surely they must have had a reason! Thanks for the Laginas to do the work, spend the time and money it has taken so far. Cheers to see them carry on.

  17. The 2016 Finale had relatives of one of the original three that found the depression and the tree with the block and tackle. They dug into the original pit, these relatives had a story that the three had found treasure chests. and had a old gold cross that supposedly came from one of the chests..

    This is new news. If true, then the treasure had been found years ago and a long line of fools kept and keep digging for something that was found years ago. WTF!

    They didn’t make much of this new story, but what if its true like the relatives said. The cross they said had been handed down from one of the original guys along with the story that chests had indeed been found and removed!

  18. We have already found the treasure! It is the feeling you had as a youngster that something special might be at the end of a quest.

    It is a great show, not without its issues….like all shows but better than 90% of other offerings.

    Since many of the theories around the WHO portion of the mystery involve the native people I wonder if some of their history might be useful or shed some light on the history of the project?

    I look forward to another year of ” The Curse ” and will be watching with interest.

  19. I’m all in for what ever they do next season. I also read that article when I was in elementary school, and this show has me hooked. 50 years is a long time to wait for answers, but If I had the money, I’d bankroll them and say “let’s find this NOW “

  20. BH
    I am a huge fan and have enjoyed the journey but I do not believe that they will find The Ark of the Covenant. I do not believe that it is meant to be found. It may no longer exist in our reality. If man HAS found it, then I’m sure it is being highly guarded! Possibly in the Grand Canyon! Who know’s??

  21. I agree with several of you on several fronts: it takes a certain madness to do what the Laginas are attempting and unless you have had that sort of drive for something, you cannot understand the force with which that mad obsession can drive you. I also agree too many potential leads have been introduced and abandoned.
    Being in the biz, I can fairly say this is unequivocally for entertainment to keep all us viewers hooked. It’s also BS. However, I doubt the Laginas would have poured exclusively so much of their own money down those shafts, so the bulk of the funding must be coming from the producers who therefore get, literally, to call the shots on what gets aired, in what order, and what they leave on the cutting room floor. Again, it’s BS. I wonder the level of frustration the brothers must endure for the additional financial backing. If Rick’s passion really runs so deeply as is claimed, he must deeply despise the fact he has to cower to the producers, but it’s never shown. Ah, the magic of the script!
    I have a firm belief that the bulk of the cavities are likely natural and anhydrite lends itself to erosion and cavities. I’ve looked, but not been able to find much info on the subterranean makeup of the region.
    All that being one, I like the show. I love that Blankenship the Younger has an inappropriately foul mouth that really throws off the rest of the team. As a linguiphile and George Carlin fan, I find this humorous in ways most likely don’t. What I really love, though, is the sense of adventure it inspires. I’ve been through a lot of caves and abandoned mines. Certainly in my younger years of exploration, I imagined myself stumbling across some forgotten treasure. While it never happened, other than finding a few pick-axe heads and the like, it infused in me a sense of potential not unlike those intrepid explorers of Oak Island.
    As a closing note, someone mentioned above the treasure might already be gone. I share that thought, especially since it was revealed the fellow on Nolan’s land used old coins regularly to pay for goods and services. Who knows what happened to whatever treasure he might not have been able to spend in his lifetime? I’d bet his descendants do, yet they’ve not been pursued, on air at least, for questioning. I’d like to see less recap crap and more detail on all the dangling carrots.

    • You are correct as to funding. In a scene of one episode you have Marty looking at what appears to be an expense report, and commenting that their negative cash flow is dangerously high. In another episode they blithely march over to a CAT dealership and pick up what seems to be about $450K in heavy equipment without batting an eye. There is no doubt in my mind that Prometheus has taken over all expenses in the “project,” and thus are dictating everything about it, from places to work, to bringing in a parade of con men with ridiculous theories (Pulitzer being just one of them), to a trip to Europe where they meet “experts” who had previously appeared on Prometheus’s “America Unearthed,” another hoax show pushing fringe theories.

      What may have started as a sincere attempt to find treasure has been completely co-opted; the real treasure is going to Kevin Burns and Co.

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