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THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND: Team Lagina Is ‘Drilling Down’ on Season Finale Tonight on History Channel! (Video)

UPDATED: Recap Lagina Brothers ‘Drilling Down’ on the Season Finale!

Tonight, the dig does not continue, but the speculation is no doubt in full-force on History Channel, as the Lagina brothers come together with their partners to discuss last week’s Season Finale of THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND. Wrapping up the clues and discoveries tonight on one last “Drilling Down,” fans will no doubt be hoping to hear some enlightening revelations on the mysteries left in the closing moments of the show last week.

Fans no doubt were rolling their eyes as a new mystery was insinuated last week when, using a camera to look around in the presumed Money Pit void, a shiny yellow light danced around on … what? Something significant? Gold itself? Or, could it have just been the color of the light of the camera reflecting back from yet another unidentifiable piece of metal, like others that have been found (and, should we add, often not followed up on) around the area of Team Lagina’s dig? We’re hoping–and we know other fans are, as well–that there will be some kind of answer from the Laginas tonight. But, if not?

Well, what can we say? After all, it is a treasure hunt; they can only offer answers when they have found them. So, like many other fans, we will not be surprised to be left hanging on the question of the golden light in the Money Pit–but, we hope not.

We would expect that the Laginas will discuss the dive into 10X tonight; will any decisions be made on the fate of 10X in the future? We tend to doubt it, but you never know. Here’s a refresher, before tonight’s “Drilling Down”:

Of course, the biggest mystery of all at this time really is whether or not there will be a Season Four of THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND. There was a long pause between Seasons Two and Three; will the same happen between Three and Four–if there is a Four? And, will we get any clue to the status of a new season tonight?

Stay tuned.

THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND: Drilling Down will take a closer look at Season Finale episode “Secrets and Revelations” on History Channel tonight, Tuesday, February 9 at 9/8c.

Image:  History Channel via Facebook

Video:  YouTube

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  1. The real treasure of Oak Island is what Prometheus and the Laginas are making off of pushing this fraud. The series will keep going as long as people who “like” them continue to watch.

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