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WILD WEST ALASKA: Season Finale Stirs Up Jealousy for Phred When Jim Hires New Saleswoman!

The ol’ green-eyed monster invaded Wild West Guns last night when Jim decided to hire a new employee–and Phred had her feathers a bit ruffled on fan-favorite Animal Planet series WILD WEST ALASKA.

Jim met a young lady at a gun show, and found her charming and knowledgeable–what better qualities for a gun salesman, right? “Having some new blood around here will keep these people on their toes,” Jim said. Initially, it had the guys all tore up, speculating on who it could be and why Jim was even hiring someone new.

Phred had been complaining, ironically, about how the guys were all in their own world, and it sounded like she was contemplating leaving Wild West Guns, actually. “Just kinda coasting right now … I’m kinda over it, kinda ready for a change. … I’m kinda like just waiting for my time to go.”

So, would the arrival of a new salesman be that time?

Well, it may have been … but that salesman turned out to be a saleswoman, and it seemed to rub Phred the wrong way to no longer be the lone female in the building. And, it probably did not help that the way Phred was introduced to her was by coming in and finding her working behind the counter alone–and it was pretty clear that Phred was immediately not thrilled with the new help. And, when Danny and Jen hit it off–he was clearly taken with the new girl!–it seemed like it might be the final straw for Phred. And, when Danny picked her instead of Phred to be on his shooting team for selecting who would go with Jim to the annual gun show in Las Vegas–not only that, but Phred ended up being picked last, for Ken’s team–it was clear that there was a problem brewing at Wild West Guns.

Oh, and that Danny really did not care if Jen could shoot or not.

The shooting contest proved to only make things worse; Jen was a dead-eye, and put her team in the winner’s circle. And, believe it or not, it was Ken who tried to make Phred feel better, telling her, “She’s a flash in the pan; she’s just a new girl. Okay? You’re indispensable. Irreplaceable. You’re ALWAYS my new girl, always.”

Hey, who knew Ken could be so thoughtful?

And, apparently, last night’s show was the Season Finale. So, we’ll just have to keep our eyes open for next season to find out what happens–and if Jen is, indeed, a “flash in the pan” at Wild West Guns.

Stay tuned.

WILD WEST ALASKA airs on Animal Planet.

Image:  Animal Planet via Facebook

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4 thoughts on “WILD WEST ALASKA: Season Finale Stirs Up Jealousy for Phred When Jim Hires New Saleswoman!

  1. Please keep Phred on the show, her chemistry along with Hans and believe it or not, Ken, the old bugga, has made the show what it is today. Although the addition of the new girl, as skilled as she may bring a refreshing change, there will always be only one Wild West Alaskan girl, our Phred… xox 😘

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