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SWAMP PEOPLE Recap: Edgars Put in Poor Showing Next to Troy’s 21 Gators on First Day of Team Fishing

Last night on SWAMP PEOPLE, the Landrys seemed to be not quite running on all points together, with Troy deciding unilaterally that they needed help after only bringing in 10 gators on the first day. The Landrys have 500 tags to fill, but is one bad day a reason to panic?

Jacob was asking the question many fans were no doubt asking, saying pointedly: “We’ve done it always before, we’ve overcome all the obstacles in the past; what makes my dad think we can’t do it this year?”

And, when the Edgars showed up–Troy’s friend Daniel, his son, Joey and grandson, Dorien–there was definite tension between the Edgars and, well, everyone but Troy. Chase was pretty blunt about the situation, saying, “Jacob and I feel like we can take care of our tags, no problem. You know, we do it year-in and year-out. We don’t need ‘em.”

According to last night’s episode, the Edgars will not be taking any profits from the Landrys’ tags. So, maybe it is not a matter of losing cash for the younger Landrys. But, there is little doubt that it is a matter of pride, having to bring in people to help the “King of the Swamp” and family?

This could be a season of hard feelings for the Landry men.

And, speaking of hard feelings, things are still a bit tense between Bruce and his partner, Ron, who is not taking well to Bruce rejecting his dog, Gunner, from the boat. But, last night, they took him for a “test run.” And, when Gunner fell off the boat–and Ron had to dive in after him? Well, it seemed Bruce had made his point–but Ron was not ready to give up, stating, “I’m gonna get him on the boat, one way or another.”

Things will probably either end really well or really badly with the Bruce-Ron-Gunner situation this season; time will tell, so stay tuned.

Also introduced last night was the team of Robert “Frenchy” Crochet and Gerard “Gee” Singleton. They seemed like a couple of good guys, strong in faith and love of God, and just generally likeable. Their banter is fun, and they seem like a good addition to the show thus far–although why regulars were pulled from the show in the advertised “final season” is still being harshly questioned by fans. So, one has to ask:  Will even potentially good additions to the cast suffer because of the way changes were so abruptly made, without the least bit of explanation for fans?

Money on the line or not, the Edgars were definitely competitive with the Landrys last night. But, out of 37 total, Troy and Guy caught 21 gators, out-fishing everyone and making one shake his head and wonder: Would Troy really push the panic button on Day One of the season and call in the troops?

Stay tuned.

SWAMP PEOPLE airs on History Channel on Monday nights at 9/8c.

Image:  History Channel via Facebook

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  1. I think troy might have doubt because of the high waters and the weather still being cool there but I wish the would have kept the Edwards and let j Paul and his dad go after getting arrested for asulting some one is reason to let some one go but who am I I guess they Condon that kind of stuff

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