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GIRLFRIENDS’ GUIDE TO DIVORCE Season 2 Finale RECAP: Wedding Reception Without The Groom

Updated: Abby’s epic fail at helicopter mom status, from season 3

GIRLFRIENDS’ GUIDE TO DIVORCE wraps up season 2 with a finale titled, “Rule #59:  ‘Happily Ever After’ Is An Oxymoron,” and we get to watch the cringe-worthy post-wedding scenes.  Recap with spoilers posted below. 

What’s a girl to do when she was forced to wed a man who wanted nothing to do with her after saying “I do”? She leans on her girlfriends and spins a story about why Gordon, her groom, is nowhere to be found.

Instead of taking the heat and moving on, for some reason, Delia is advised to go through with the reception, telling a story about Gordon taking sick very suddenly.

Hey, why not? We’ve seen less believable things on this season of GIRLFRIENDS’ GUIDE.

Abby takes heat from Delia, because the bereft bride needs to blame someone for the humiliation and sadness.

It’s sort of a rule, which the show hasn’t used yet, that you never tell a good friend negative things about her man or her situation, if she doesn’t want to hear it. Abby broke that rule when drunk and in a crazed state, and though she apologized, she didn’t recant what she said about Delia keeping up appearances despite her affair with Albert.

At the sham of a reception, Delia thinks they are pulling off the lie, when a drunk Frumpkis (why was he a guest anyway?) decides to ramble about his bad behavior towards Jo.

As Abby did at the bachelorette party, he blurts out the truth that Gordon’s not sick, well at least not in the traditional way. He’s sick about seeing photos of his wife in various sex positions with her boss.

Scott takes him down, right into the wedding cake, but not before Gordon’s mother and other guests learn the truth.

Guess there’s no cake-cutting ritual happening after that.

Jo finally received the Frumpkis apology she’s waited years to hear, but Scott’s standing there after his declaration love. She’s got two men in love with her, and they’re fighting, while covered in wedding cake. Sweet!

When Abby locks herself away, having the breakdown she so rightly deserves, she hears Jake calling her name.

Back from Latvia so soon?

Tune in for the season finale of GIRLFRIENDS’ GUIDE TO DIVORCE, Tuesday night on Bravo TV at 10 p.m. ET/PT  Image credit: Bravo TV, used with permission 



Okay, it’s 12 hours since the season finale aired and this viewer is left wondering if it’s a good or bad thing that the writers have carved out a way for Abby to use a baby to get out of her funk.

Just seemed too simple a way to keep her and Jake hanging tough together and to avoid working through how she ended up jobless, book-less, a social media joke, humiliated by a male escort and a woman scorned by her daughter.

Oh, and one other thing to make her feel horrible – hot flashes and the onset of menopause. See, even more reasons for her to covet a baby and add lack of estrogen to her already growing medical issues.

Look, this isn’t a way to slut-shame Abby McCarthy as much as wish she could concentrate on her self-created crap and look for ways to begin a new chapter while learning new coping mechanisms.

Abby’s book career is over for the moment and she’ll be forking over any advance money she got for the junk she turned in to her editor. She short-changed the publisher and then turned down the only way to save it as an income stream.

She refused to turn the book into a tell-all about the wayward divorcee who got hooked by a hooker, a/k/a Carl the escort and dumped by Dr. Harris. What was she if she wasn’t an author?

Barbara told her new bestie Abby, that despite hating her message she was helped by the positive approach to being single, even if it was a crock of you-know-what. Encouraged by the ladies Barbara took the deejay up on a suggestion to get cozy in a corner of the reception hall.

But, then she warned Abby that SheShe wasn’t going to be happy about the Carl story, even if Abby hadn’t paid him for sex. Abby kept trying to make the fine point that she paid Carl for a night of talking and when they finally hooked up it was for free. A fine point no one will care about, and in fact, no one did.

While her friends, most importantly Delia, forgave her for any and all transgressions while she’d been in a crazed state for weeks, Abby knew she’d have to demonstrate her forgiveness, not just apologize.

Then there was the infant whose baby-smell she inhaled and longed for as Jake held him while trying to understand what happened to the Abby he left months ago. The couple bonded over their mutual affection for each other and the cruel joke of how Becca had fooled them. They pledged their undying support for each other and Jake told Abby to get her stuff together and stop being “fine” all the time.

Good luck with that now that the baby is suddenly in their lives, for longer than Abby knew at that moment.

Jake and Becca

When he arrived at her home, after being summoned, he paid respects to her and the baby, named Christopher, not Taye, Jr. as Jake feared. He saw a woman in postpartum distress. She was alone without family or her boyfriend to help and feared hurting the child.

Jake took it all in and when she begged him to take the baby for a few hours so she could take a shower and a nap, the cue to wonder what was going on was the sight of a pre-packed diaper bag. Sure enough, within hours, Becca was gone, the house magically cleaned up with a note that told Jake that he was “it”, like a real life game of tag.

Leaving aside the issues of custody, financial support and the rest of the real stuff, the fact that Abby will bond with a baby in her state, without help to clear up her many issues, is scary.

Will Becca return and rip Christopher away, or are we going to watch season three of the show with Abby wheeling a stroller and fussing over an infant as her two kids watch a mom who turned that way, rather than towards them?

Delia and the wedding

For someone who saw her own reputation drowned by Frumpkis as all of Gordon’s family and friends watched, she sure got past it quickly, forgiving Abby and even making it about her once again after the bathroom breakdown.

She got the requisite slap and scorn from her mother-in-law, but left hanging was the question of whether a marriage license will be filed and an official marriage created. If so, what’s the path to resolution? Divorce, annulment or remaining married to avoid the horror of a court fight?

Meanwhile, Delia doesn’t know who sent the photos to Gordon and if she still has a job in Los Angeles. Remember, she accepted the open position in New York and perhaps her firm will want to cut ties with her if the scandal goes public.

Could Albert and Delia both be out of the firm? Delia will have to deal with the humiliation, but as a top lawyer in her field, there will be firms looking to bring her in with her book of business. Perhaps it’s time for her to strike out on her own and be who she truly is.

That would be a woman who doesn’t want to be married, but who loves Gordon anyway. That’s how she described herself to her posse as she drank a lot and returned to a reception that somehow was still in progress despite the news.

Jo, Frumpkis, Scott

For a gal who had to resort to serial Tinder dates a month ago, she had public declarations of love made by both her men. Zooey, her daughter saw her father for who he was and leaned towards Scott as a good guy for her mom.

So did everyone else. He might be young, a man-whore as Jo called him and flighty, but he’s thunderstruck for sure. Frumpkis’ fate is less certain, but let’s hope by the time season three rolls around he’ll be gone.

Phoebe and JD

They went from declaring love for each other in the previous episode to scooting off to the county clerk’s office for a hasty wedding. JD couldn’t help but announce the news despite Delia’s mess of a day and by that time, she’d already accepted her fate.

The ladies rallied around Phoebe, after Jo’s honesty about his limitations. If Phoebe is happy, they’re happy although the caustic Jo set up a prop bet on long Phoebe’s third marriage will last.

Odd? You bet.

How long of a time jump will there be when season three debuts? Interesting to speculate who will be together, gone, changed or merely older.

What were your impressions of the finale and how the writers got us to the conclusion?

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3 thoughts on “GIRLFRIENDS’ GUIDE TO DIVORCE Season 2 Finale RECAP: Wedding Reception Without The Groom

  1. If it doesn’t get cancelled there’s another season of crap. If it does cancel there’s the chance of these women going forth and making an even worse show.

  2. I love this show so much! It is so unromantic that somehow it is romantic! I have enjoyed how each of the character’s storylines have played out. I think Jo is my favourite at the moment and I am hoping for a third season to see what happens with Jo and Scott. I love them together.

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