LONG ISLAND MEDIUM: Theresa Caputo Reads Young Children, Unsettling Or Uplifting?

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM tackled something new in the latest episode “Theresa Reads Kids”.

It’s a bit unsettling to watch children as young as eight years old interact with Theresa Caputo as she channels spirit in an attempt to heal the grief of losing a loved one. All of the youngest of the reading subjects were accompanied by a parent.

At the same time, when you saw the look of wonder on the children’s faces as they connected, it gave you hope that these little kids wouldn’t have a negative reaction to it all. It’s difficult to know the short-term effects or long-term, if any.

Theresa did a knock-and-shock for 11 year-old Ally, a first for LONG ISLAND MEDIUM. Her mother asked Theresa to come help Ally deal with the passing of her father.

“I was with him in his last moments”, Ally said, relating the story of watching her father die after a long battle with cancer. Ally’s a fan of the show and she was excited by the surprise, but held it together much better than some of Theresa’s adult clients that get the surprise of their lives.

Then Caputo attended a group reading with parents and children and was able to help Leah, age 8, reconnect with her father who died only six months prior.

Her parents split up when she was two, but apparently her dad kept up a good relationship with her. Theresa moved her by recanting a story of her father taking her for ice cream, and trying to keep it a secret from Leah’s mom.

Leah was mature beyond her years as she described her experience with Theresa.

Then there was the case of Josh,12 whose mom, Tabatha took him to see if he could better understand her grief over losing a baby she carried for only 23 weeks.

The young boy learned that his mother was correct, about her pregnancy being normal, “until it wasn’t”, as she told Theresa. He was confused and said, “I wanted to know what actually happened.”

Caputo’s words of comfort were for both the Tabatha and Josh, but the end result was Theresa saying,

“You don’t have to grieve alone anymore,” which meant, at least to this viewer, that Josh wasn’t so much troubled and sad as he was curious about the circumstances. Now he’ll grieve along with his mother.

How did you react to the episode and Theresa’s work with the children?

TLC airs new episodes of LONG ISLAND MEDIUM, Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: TLC, used with permission 

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