SWAMP PEOPLE: What Is the ‘Family Secret’ R.J. & Jay Paul Will Reveal Tonight?

It has not been a good season thus far for the Landry family on SWAMP PEOPLE. They have 500 tags to fill–not a small amount, to be sure–and, in a panic, Troy called in reinforcements. Will the Edgar family bring the help he needs?

Last week, the Edgars filled a few tags, but it was still Troy who brought in the overwhelming number of gators on the day. It begs the question:  Why are the Edgars there?

This week, the Edgars will no doubt be determined to prove themselves. They had a run to get the feel of the swamp, and now it is time for them to show everyone, from Troy’s sons to the SWAMP PEOPLE viewers, what they can do. Tonight, according to History Channel, on all-new episode “All Hands on Deck”:

Despite his worst start ever, The King of the Swamp is determined to fill his 500- plus tags this year. Armed with the help of fellow swamper Daniel Edgar’s family, he takes on the high water and cold weather in true Cajun fashion. Meanwhile, Frenchy Crochet and Gee Singleton’s best laid plans literally blow up in their face. Will it end their season before it gets started? And in Houma, R.J. and Jay Paul continue their fast start to the season and reveal a family secret.

R.J. and Jay Paul will be back tonight, it appears–and back on their own territory? Fans were not happy when they took their hunting to the Landry hunting grounds, but did their “family secret” have something to do with their quest to find new territory? It will be interesting to find out what might be lurking in the Molinere family closet. Regardless, we hope the episode sheds some light on the reasons for their expanded hunting plan this season.

Stay tuned.

SWAMP PEOPLE airs on History Channel on Monday nights at 9/8c. New series “Billion Dollar Wreck” follows at 10/9c.

Image:  History Channel via Facebook

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