Moonshiners: The Off Season

MOONSHINERS: Will Chico & Sandra Continue on This Illegal Journey Together Tonight?

Tonight on Discovery Channel, MOONSHINERS continues to follow fans’ favorite backwoods outlaws. As the end of the shine season nears, will any of the teams reach their shining goals for the year?

Last week, Chico and Sandra gave it a go on a horse, trying to pack their way into an isolated shine spot. Chico indicated his disdain for four-wheelers and such, and declared the good ol’ horse the way to go. Sandra was willing to try–she seems willing to try whatever he suggests if it means making shine and turning some cash–but it soon went awry when the horse stumbled, sending them all to the ground. Tossed into a briar patch, Sandra fortunately did not seem to be really hurt, mostly just shaken, but Chico apparently took her in to be checked, anyway. The horse? It appeared to be okay.

According to Discovery Channel, tonight on all-new MOONSHINERS episode “Virgin Whiskey”:

Chico & Sandra are anxious to get back in the saddle and make their first run. Tim’s behemoth tank might not be the ticket to fulfilling the Poland order after all . With Jim Tom by his side, Josh churns out a family heritage spirit.

So, Chico and Sandra are going to give it another try–apparently back on the horse? Maybe they’ll pack it out a little better this time; it wasn’t a shock when they all ended up on the ground last week. But, the bigger question about Sandra and Chico: Will their relationship hold up under the stress and weight shining together is going to put on it?

It is already clear that Chico is having to hold his tongue time and time again; he is bound to lose his temper at one time or another. And, that’s not a swipe at Chico; how many of us would really want to work with our significant other? There are those who do it, and no doubt do it successfully, but how many relationships really need that kind of added stress–and, in Chico and Sandra’s case, the added burden of hiding their activities from the law?

Can they hold it together? Can they keep their horse on the trail? And, most importantly, can Chico and Sandra make the moonshine?

Stay tuned.

MOONSHINERS airs on Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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