David Norton, Ashley Doherty on "Married At First Sight" Season 3

Ashley Dumps David on MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Decision Night, Is He Better Off?

Are we surprised? MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT penciled in David and Ashley first for time in the hot seats.

In front of the experts, David gave his closing argument to Ashley about why he chose to remain married and work on mending fences.

Ashley was not of the opinion that more time would make a difference to her, naming the “date” as the prime reason for her decision.

These episodes are gut wrenching and congrats to the MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT production folks who kept us wondering until the final moment.

Preview of season finale: How will Sam & Neil and Vanessa & Tres end up? 

There were scenes of the couple engaging in physical activities like running and replays of their ziplining day, with David’s voice-over about what he saw as positive signs of progress.

They were able to take a pause in their war of words when they’re sweating, but there’s always that return to the house and the reality of being married.

There was one moment in the show when you had to wonder if all the signs pointing to a divorce might be wrong. Ashley spoke with her girlfriend and claimed that in marriage you had to be able to let things go after they’re over. She was speaking of the text message invitation from David to another woman.

What it turned out to mean was that she could see the finish line and decided to end their battles that included arguments, the silent treatment and then finally David’s trip to Buffalo to be with his family and contemplate the mess at home.

Since she was never much for having too much to say at any one time, she was able to maneuver through the final days and even gave David room to think there might be hope.

As she said about him on that couch before giving her final decision, he’s always positive and never stops working to make a vision a reality. He’d be all those things if the fighting stopped.

While most of us would have bet our homes that the couple wouldn’t make it, who else got caught up in that glimmer of hope?

Here’s what we’d love to hear about: why Ashley never involved her family and friends in the relationship and wasn’t able to articulate the truth to David in the six weeks of the experiment unless an expert was sitting in front of them?

Who votes for the fact that she could never get past the lack of physical attraction as the one and only reason she didn’t seem to work harder at anything?

In an exclusive interview prior to the show airing, but months after his marriage cratered, David looked back on the effect of the cameras, and if he’d tell anyone else to go through the experiment. Catch his thoughts, here.

In the meantime, the other two couples went through final days of discussion and contemplation about whether or not they’d seen enough to warrant continuing the marriage.

Looks like Neil could break Sam’s heart if he wanted to, and what a turnaround that is. As for Tres and Vanessa, it might just turn on how many gifts he gives her to make her think he’s trying hard to please her.

He’s been trying to sway her, and not getting much of a hint in return. Next week, it’s more decisions and screen time for the others. Will we see any aftermath of David and Ashley? In season two, it’s hard to forget that scene with Davina and Sean dividing up their possessions as he made his way back to New Jersey.

Cannot wait for the six-month checkup show and get the scoop on where they all are.

A&E airs MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: A&E, used with permission 

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