David Norton on "Married At First Sight"

David Norton’s Thoughts On Marriage, Before MARRIED AT FIGHT SIGHT Aired

David Norton’s hope for remaining married to Ashley Doherty ended on the latest episode of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT. Recap linked below.

Despite the tumultuous six weeks from altar to decision night, David was upbeat and hopeful as he was asked by the show’s experts, “Do you want to stay married, or do you want to get a divorce?”

His answer was a long one, arguing his case for why the experiment should continue.

David maintained that progress had been made, even after the disagreement over a text message to another woman. He faced Ashley and told he had never gone this deep into complex relationship issues with anyone prior to this, and he didn’t want the work to be meaningless.

Unfortunately, Ashley disagreed, citing the text, which she believed meant he was cheating on her.

But, throughout the experiment, Ashley was unable to get even close to any kind of romantic feeling towards her husband, and then said that the betrayal didn’t give her hope it would change.

In the early days of the marriage, David tried to get a hint out of her about her reluctance to be close. Anything more than a few words didn’t seem possible for Ashley.

At that point, Doherty complained that she wasn’t able to be as truthful and open with David because of the cameras. Combined with the wedding, honeymoon and then moving in with David, she said couldn’t wrap her head around the suddenness of it all.

In an exclusive interview with TVRuckus, prior to the season three premiere of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT, David mentioned that while he wasn’t troubled by the presence of cameras, he hadn’t accounted for Ashley’s shyness.

“The camera never really bothered me. It was just the price of doing business. This was something I wanted and there was a camera there. I accepted it from day one. That doesn’t mean that there weren’t times when I looked tired or disheveled and wished I wasn’t on camera, but I think the biggest challenge is that it’s a couple, not just an individual who is on camera. I might be comfortable, but it’s my wife that’s on camera too. I would think, how does this help us as a couple to be on camera?”

David was truly upbeat and satisfied with his experience on the show and when asked if he would recommend the process to others he said:

“I would recommend it, but for the person who has the right mentality. This is something that will take a lot of work. Marriage is difficult and this is even more difficult. You don’t have history to fall back on. I would 100% recommend it if the person didn’t look at this as a free pass. There a lot of lows as well as highs, especially at the start.”

And that was months after the show wrapped taping for the season. Coming up are decisions for couples Vanessa and Tre along with Sam and Neil. It’s not over yet.

Recap of David and Ashley’s decision

A&E will air final episodes of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT, Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: A&E used with permission 

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