MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Season 3 Finale: Will Vanessa Trust Tres, Can Sam & Neil Make It?

Two couples are left to make their decision tonight on the season three finale of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT.

Vanessa and Tres as well as Sam and Neil are on the hot seats, sitting opposite the show’s experts who put them together for this experiment.  Finale recap, here. 

Last week, one couple went down in a ball of flames as Ashley told David in no uncertain terms that she was not interested in continuing to try to make their marriage work.

David was crushed, but there was so much left to get past, including a lack of trust on Ashley’s part. Recap of that, here.

If we’ve learned nothing on this season of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT it’s that the we can get one impression of how the couples are doing, only to be given a different view later.

The producers edit the show in such a way that keeps you guessing until the bitter end. Many, including this viewer was of the belief that Ashley was giving signals there might be hope, even in the final few days of the couple of living together.

So, with that in mind, what do we think about the possibilities for the remaining two?

Tres and Vanessa

Tres has been trying his hardest to demonstrate his feelings for Vanessa and his intention to try to make her happy, at least in ways that he can. Little gifts, an unplanned weekend getaway and making her a meal are among the things he’s tried.

Vanessa loves them all, but her hesitance stems from a lack of trust that Tres really wants to be married and to her. It’s been something she’s had difficulty believing and last week the couple still had been unable to agree on letting their own apartments go and find a new place to live.

Neil and Sam

How the tables have turned in a matter of six weeks for these two. Sam was harsh in her criticism early on and couldn’t shake the feeling that Neil wasn’t being truthful about who he was, at least when the cameras were turned on.

Neil had to learn how to deal with it and change, perhaps opening up more than he’s comfortable doing. But he too had complaints about his wife who would ridicule him from time to time.

Recently, Sam has become smitten with her husband and showered him with affection. It’s been Neil who has been the one to hang back and wonder what the heck happened.

Link to final decisions from Vanessa & Tres as well as Sam & Neil

A&E airs the season 3 finale of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: A&E, used with permission 

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