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MOONSHINERS: ‘Presidential Shine’ Flows Tonight but Is It All Too Much for Discovery’s Backwoods Outlaws?

It is a big night for presidential candidates tonight, as they vie to become their party’s nominee. But, while they fight it out at the ballot box, TV viewers are likely looking for a little relief from the pressures of the day. What better way to chill out and relax than an evening with Discovery Channel’s MOONSHINERS?

It has been a hard season for all of the MOONSHINERS. No one, even legal shiner Tim Smith, has been running away with the production of their product. Tim, in fact, has seemed to have bitten off more than he can guzzle, with a 10,000-case order to Climax Moonshine’s first overseas buyer. But, troubles at the small local distillery that produces Climax Moonshine are not just putting him behind; they may put him out of the delivery window altogether–not an auspicious start with the overseas moonshine-drinking market. Tonight, things may only get worse, as Tim tries to set up new equipment, and finds it to be a more difficult venture than he assumed it would be.

Other shiners are finding troubles mounting in their seasons, as well. According to Discovery Channel, tonight on all-new episode, “Presidential Shine”:

Patti and David rush to sell off their stash before a local fracking operation ends their season in a bust. Jeff, Mark and Lance hope that a classic recipe will save their season. A calling card from the law may bring Mark & Digger’s season to an end.

Will it be the fracking operation or a nosy neighbor that ultimately shuts down Patti and David’s operation? They have been skirting a shut-down all season–as have they all–and apparently things are getting no better tonight. And, Mark & Digger? Take a peek at this tweet:

The season is winding down; stay tuned.

MOONSHINERS airs on Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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