THE LITTLE COUPLE: Watch Jen and Young Cancer Patient Use Music As Therapy (VIDEO)

There aren’t very many times on THE LITTLE COUPLE that we see Jen Arnold MD in action with patients.

Last week we found her going out of town for a business trip and in the previous episode she was giving a speech in New Orleans, so it’s not like we aren’t aware of her packed schedule.

But, it is when we see Dr. Jen Arnold, not just Jen the mom that we realize the kind of impact she makes at the hospital and not just with the people under her care.

Who can forget her battle with cancer and the very aggressive treatment program that almost knocked her down for the count, but ultimately saved her life?

Tonight on THE LITTLE COUPLE, in addition to family activity, we get to see Jen help Peyton Richardson, a young cancer patient take her mind off things and be creative. Check out the preview video clip posted below.

It’s not just arts and crafts, and if fact, is quite a sophisticated set up at the cancer center. Peyton’s mom Carrie is treated to the end product of Peyton and Jen’s creativity.

“There is more and more research to show that laughter, music, arts…it really helps people get better faster. This is pretty much as important as your next round of chemotherapy. It takes all types of interventions to help a person fight something as challenging as cancer.”

Also on tonight’s show, Jen and Bill take Zoey to her first Indian dance lesson, and of course, Will finds his way into the dancing line..

Later the family attends a Chinese lantern festival in Houston. Jen and Bill have an adult night out at a local escape room. Escape room? Tune in tonight to find out what the heck that is.

TLC airs new episodes of THE LITTLE COUPLE Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission 

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1 thought on “THE LITTLE COUPLE: Watch Jen and Young Cancer Patient Use Music As Therapy (VIDEO)

  1. Awe thats my best friend! I go to school with her everyday now and she always has a smile on her face. That really makes me happy to see this. Especially after knowing how hard treatment has been for her!

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