Neil and Sam before decision on "Married At First Sight"

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Season Finale: Vanessa & Tres Succeed, Sam Dumped Then Plans Vacation After Neil’s Decision

The sobbing continued for a long time last night on the season three finale of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT, and then just like that, in the next scene of Neil and Sam together, she was chirping like a bird and running off to finalize a trip to Costa Rica.


Samantha was rejected by husband Neil who dumped her with his usual stoic face, knowing she feared it and watched with his eyes wide as she leaped from the sofa and ran out off the set.

RECAP, six-month checkup special. “Where Are They Now?”

She needed to be comforted by Dr. Pepper Schwartz, who kneeled down with her and softly spoke to the devastated Sam.

“My biggest fear is that he’s going to ask for a divorce,” she told the experts after she finished making her last-minute plea for love and remaining married.

Neil did precisely what she thought he might. The early days of the marriage, or rather, the few couple of weeks were filled with times that essentially scarred him, keeping him from being unable to take Sam’s new attitude.

It’s difficult to know too much about Neil’s feelings, since the show was edited to give the couple no more than 15 minutes of screen time to resolve it all.

In an interview with the New York Post, Neil said:

” I was excited that there was progress in our relationship, but internally I could not reciprocate those emotions and passionate feelings.

Did I forgive Sam? . . . I did not have any resentment toward Sam, and I wanted to continue to be friends, [but] that’s all I could give.”

For Sam to insist she wants to be “friends” with an ex who couldn’t reciprocate her feelings, and would not continue to let the process play out is quite unusual, but then again, what hasn’t been unusual about this couple?

Sam’s immediate turnaround when the two met back at their home to officially say goodbye was as off-putting as her nastiness early in the marriage and then her clingy feelings as the six-week experiment ended.

Off she went to finalize a trip to Costa Rica, speaking as if what she went through was all in the past.

Perhaps Neil was right to keep his distance. Thoughts?

Tres and Vanessa

While Vanessa made it sound like she was going to end up saying, “…but, I don’t want to stay married,” she didn’t. Her rambling speech with Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Greg Epstein, the show’s spiritual adviser looking on had them on edge.

As soon as it looked like Vanessa was going to stay put, Schwarz and Epstein began to tear up. It’s their first success since season one. After Dave and Ashley, as well as Sam and Neil pulled the plug on their marriages, it added up to five failed matches between seasons two and three.

Not to be cynical, but you had to wonder how much of a relief it was for them and for the producers of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT, who were roundly criticized after the season two debacle, particularly the background check snafu about Ryan and Jessica.

But, back to Tres and Vanessa.

Tres was as warm and wonderful as he’s grown to be in the final few weeks of the marriage experiment. When they arrived home after agreeing to stay married, there was yet another gift for her to open and more champagne to drink.

Tres bought a symbolic gift for Vanessa’s dog Nola. A new dog collar to kick off the new phase of their life together was a great way, according to Vanessa, to make them a family of three going forward.

David and Ashley

Who could blame David Norton for refusing to speak with Ashley as he gathered his personal belongings, packed them and walked out the house?

Now she wanted to talk? It was a good thing that she realized she shouldn’t push it too much, although she looked as if she was exasperated.

When Ashley called David a “good person”, who didn’t gag? She had just called him untrustworthy, and had earlier accused him of cheating on her. Seemed like a last ditch effort to make herself feel better or make us feel better about her.

For his part, David remained respectful, asking for her to abide by his wish to be silent. There was no lashing out or poor language. We ended with David facing the camera on his computer and realizing he was back in the same place after the tumultuous couple of months he just spent on camera.

He made a pitch to a woman he hopes is waiting for him, to love and be married to.

Who do you think will be in a long-term relationship first, Ashley or David?

Photo credit: A&E/MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT, used with permission  Link to NYPost article

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