Restaurant Startup season finale, Battle of the Dishes

RESTAURANT STARTUP Season Finale Preview: gastroPod vs. S&R, Has Joe Bastianch Met His Match? (VIDEOS)

Here’s a quote from tonight’s season 3 finale of RESTAURANT STARTUP that will make you laugh and it’s from the mouth of Joe Bastianich.

“A strong personality can be a big pitfall,” he tells one of the duos looking for an investment tonight.

If you’ve been watching the episodes this season, you know that Joe has been exhibiting the strongest personality in the room each week, and he’s been as blunt and insulting as we’ve ever seen him.

Tonight on RESTAURANT STARTUP Bastianich and Chef Tim Love evaluate two business ideas, and both have at least one partner who could light a match under Joe and probably does.

S&R San Diego

S&R San Diego’s pitch is posted below in the sneak peek video. As soon as Chef Robyn begins her introduction, she mentions that her food takes bits from Italian-Puerto Rican roots and combined with Southern hospitality.

When Joe Bastianich identifies her as a fellow New Yorker, from the borough of Staten Island, he understands where the energy and pride comes from. Tim Love smiles, knowing there’s something combustible coming.

Robyn’s partner Stephanie runs the front of the house and as Joe and Tim learn, isn’t even familiar with the dishes they’ll serve if and when they take their food truck idea to a brick and mortar restaurant in San Diego.

The guys tell Robyn that there isn’t a focus to the dishes, and that the “food truck mentality” isn’t always translatable to a restaurant.

Their ask: $200,000 for 45% of the equity.


Carla and Jeremiah Bullfrog (yes, you read that right) are a husband and wife team who operate a food truck concept that they’d love to franchise some day.

They serve with fine dining techniques and make the food accessible from the mobile location. They just opened a second location in a busy mall and Jeremiah proudly said, “We did it with no money in the bank.”

There are two kids to support, besides themselves and they’re ready for an influx of cash to build a third location inside another mall.

Tim asks why, if they are scraping by to pay rent and support their family, Jeremiah doesn’t just take a chef position at a restaurant and make a good salary. Here’s the answer:

“I’m not a people person, per se,” to which Joe’s response was, “Do you have a temper?” Wait until you hear his answer, in the clip posted below. Joe may have found his match.

The ask: $250,000 for 30% equity in what Joe describes as a counter meets quick serve restaurant concept.

CNBC airs the season 3 finale of RESTAURANT STARTUP Wednesday night March 2nd at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: CNBC, used with permission


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