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MOONSHINERS Season Finale: Will Fans Get an Update on Tickle’s Whereabouts Tonight?

UPDATED: Big Money, Bigger Hearts on MOONSHINERS Season Finale!

We had to get there sooner or later, and tonight, we are there: the Season Finale of MOONSHINERS on Discovery Channel.

It has been a difficult season for many of the shiners. Overall, Patti and David seem to have done the best with their operation, which many viewers (including us) probably did not expect. They have been skirting turn-in by a nosy neighbor all season, and a fracking operation has been bearing down on them in the dwindling last few weeks. But, they have been making sales pretty consistently–which is more than can be said for the rest of the MOONSHINERS.

Jeff, Mark and Lance have been bumbling and fumbling all season. They are pretty skittish when it comes to potential detection–they never would have lasted in the season Patti and David have had–which led to Jeff and Mark ending up brewing in cave. And, ultimately, fleeing the cave, when low oxygen levels had them both reeling. And, Lance? Who knows what he’s been doing; making potato guns or something, from the few glances we’ve caught of him.

Mark and Digger are always fun to watch. They have the old-time shine operations in their blood, passed down from the masters, and even if they come up short on their goal, we’ve still enjoyed watching them this season.

Some teams just fell out altogether. Chico and Tyler were always a volatile match, so it was no surprise when they went their separate ways. Tyler ended up helping Tim in his legal endeavors, while Chico has been trying to get his fiancee, Sandra, up-to-speed as a new shining partner. It could be a mistake–it’s a lot of pressure on any relationship, working together, but moonshining? Time will tell if that partnership sticks–personally or professionally.

And, alas, one of the most entertaining relationships, that of Bill and Josh, has been severed. The show seems to be focusing on Josh (and, of course, MOONSHINERS regular, Cutie Pie) at this point. He has been paling up with Jim Tom a lot, and they seem to gel together a lot more smoothly. And, we have been getting just glimpses of Bill now and then. So, whether or not there will be a reconciliation in the future, well, much like with Chico and Sandra, time will tell what happens with Bill and Josh. Even if they cannot pull it together for moonshining again, perhaps they can bring their friendship back to a good place. But, Chico and Sandra really should take heed from their experience: Any personal relationship, whether friendship or more, can suffer under the pressures of working together, and Bill and Josh are a great example of those pressures just reaching that explosion point.

Tonight, on Season Finale episode, “End of an Era,” according to Discovery Channel, Tim is still fighting against time, trying to fill the huge international order he committed to recently. We hope he makes it, but it is a longshot:

It’s last call in shine country. Tim is thousands of cases of moonshine away from delivering the order of a lifetime. Mark & Digger receive the surprise visit of their lives in the middle of a shine sale. Josh is working on one last score and making amends.

And, of course, there is Tickle. Because of his own personal screw-ups with the law, he has just been a glimpse here and there this season. Will we see him tonight on the Season Finale? We do not know for certain. But, we hope so; we would like to get a current update on his status tonight–and perhaps his future status with MOONSHINERS, in general.

Stay tuned.

The Season Finale of MOONSHINERS airs on Discovery Channel tonight, Tuesday, March 8 at 9/8c.

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