Big Money, Bigger Hearts on MOONSHINERS Season Finale Last Night; Did Josh & Bill Work It Out? Recap!

Last night, fans tuned into hit Discovery Channel reality series MOONSHINERS, no doubt hoping to get the scoop on Tickle. But, if that was the case, they were disappointed, as there was no update provided.

The show did end on a bittersweet note, with Josh leaving a portion of his Cherry Bounce sales in the mailbox of his “brother,” Bill. Did they work things out? No, but that does not mean they won’t, of course, in the off-season. And, it was a thoughtful gesture by Josh, to leave some of his take on the Cherry Bounce for Bill, with a note, “Love Ya Brother.” Most of us probably would not have made that decision.

What did fans think? Did Josh owe Bill part of the payment on the Cherry Bounce, for the fruitless work they both put in earlier in the season? If he was going to give anyone part of his take, maybe it should have been Jim Tom? Or, in fact, maybe he should have just kept it himself and went on his way? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below! In the end, Josh made of 221 gallons of  his 1,000 goal, but indicated that he is hoping to hit 1,000 by spring, as his insulated shine room allows him to keep going thru winter months.

Ol’ Bill, tho’, he no doubt could use the cash Josh left in his mailbox. Viewers know that he has been stubborn with his refusal to make a flavored shine. But, as he was told by his buyer last night, “I’m just gonna be straight with you. I’m having a hard time moving white liquor. … Not moving like it was.” Instead of the $100/gallon he wanted, he only got $70/gallon for his 25.5 gallons, whereas Josh made a total of $12,000 on his 60 gallons.

Bill might want to rethink his anti-flavored shine stance next season.

Jeff, Mark and Lance finished up and sold the last of their season’s goal in Tennessee. They ended up making a total 411 gallons with a goal of 400. They thought for a moment they were caught, when they got stopped at, ironically, a routine DUI check, and Jeff did not have his registration. Why would you start a run like that and not have everything in order, we had to ask? But, they just got a warning and it was all good in the end, with a $16,000 payday. They tore down their site and headed out for the winter.

Mark and Digger made 66 gallons for a repeat customer, pulling out the equipment that they had already set away for the winter. But, as Digger said, “You can’t turn that away.” The two rebuilt their equipment, way back in the woods following discovery by the local sheriff. “We feel good about it,” Mark said as they got started. It was a long run, but at 1.5 times their normal rate, it was easy to see why they were feeling pretty good about it all. When the customer came to pick it up, Digger failed to mention to Mark–a bit intentionally–that the customer would be picking the order up in his helicopter! So, needless to say, the practical joke worked, and Mark thought they were caught for a minute–but all went well, and the 66 gallons brought them $10,000 in the end … not a bad way to end a season.

Believe it or not, Tim hit his 10,000 cases he had promised a European distributor. Belmont Farm Distillery was pushed to the very limit, it appeared–both the people and the equipment–to get it done. They literally ran around the clock for weeks, and they were wrapping up pallets of freshly made shine as the truck rolled up to the distillery, but they made it. Tim’s next goal? “Asia!” he declared in a toast with Chuck and Tyler.

And, Patti and David were finished up, having a fish fry. Next season, after the success of their jalepeno shine, David said he’s planning a mayhaw shine. And, Sandra and Chico are looking forward to more shining next season. “If me and her can do what we’ve done in 5-6 weeks,” Chico said, “I’d like to see what me and her pull off through a whole season.”

So, here’s to next season of MOONSHINERS–for everyone. But, will will that include a Tickle presence?

It didn’t last night; all we can say for next season is: Stay tuned.

MOONSHINERS airs on Discovery Channel.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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