MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT: Did You See Sam and Ashley’s New Looks On ‘Six Months Later’?

The ladies stepped up their game on the ‘Six Months Later’ special to end MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Season 3.

Who didn’t look at Sam and Ashley as they stepped on the set with Dr. Pepper Schwartz and wonder, “Where were they all season long?”

It’s got to be a wakeup call to see what you look like on camera, and while no one expected the couples to look fabulous all the time, this step-up in style was not just noticeable, it was radical. Typical breakup changes, or more?

Sam and Neil

The longer, straightened hair, stylish glasses and clothing went along with a more serious, less self-conscious Sam who spoke articulately about her maturation process and the nature of her new relationship with husband Neil.

She mentioned more than once that she was shocked and humbled by what she saw as she watched the series, and was ashamed of her behavior.

For his part, Neil threw bouquets of compliments to Sam about how she has changed. He told Dr. Pepper that when he went back to look at the series he remembered why he was first smitten with Sam. It was her dance down the aisle as she walked to the wedding altar.

That Sam disappeared quickly, like within an hour at the reception.

Oh yes, they are still married and she proudly wears her ring. In fact, she gifted Neil with a cute decorative wall-hanging for his home that called herself “wifey”, as she had during their time together on the show.

Neil and she have reached a good place, according to both of them and the biggest takeaway was that the two are not only closer, they seem more affectionate and open to what comes.

They weren’t asked about whether they had begun the legal proceedings to dissolve their marriage and Dr. Schwartz was pushing them to say they would consider a reconciliation.

Dr. Schwartz decided that this new attitude was a roaring success for the couple and notched it on the belt of the experts as a good match.

David and Ashley

When Ashley appeared with her patterned stockings, leather skirt, amped-up makeup with a red lip she didn’t realize that Dr. Pepper Schwartz was going to ask permission to drag David out from behind the set so they could talk it out.

Unlike the other two couples, that didn’t happen. Ashley used her calm, measured and blank stare look as she did throughout the season to refuse. She didn’t see any point.

Oh, she hemmed and hawed about why the relationship went nowhere, but she kept to the two points she made during the series.

David cheated on her by asking someone for a date while they were married, and the process was all too much for her to deal with in six weeks.

When pushed by Schwartz about taking one look at David and never moving off the spot that she wasn’t attracted to him, she admitted it had an effect, but she went on to describe someone who kept pushing her, which didn’t go down well with her.

Here’s a question: with it being a six-week experiment, wasn’t some pushing necessary?

When David stepped onto the set with Schwartz he was clean shaven and looked like a weight was off his shoulders. He attempted to make peace with Ashley after the series concluded but she wasn’t interested.

He refused to admit he had cheated on Ashley, remaining steadfast about the attempt to speak to someone about Ashley being a desperate measure and in retrospect a stupid move.

He also admitted that he saw how Ashley wouldn’t believe him, and that to the outside world it was difficult to see any other way than he was cheating on her.

David said he’s out there looking for the new Mrs. Norton, and didn’t discuss whether or not the couple had begun divorce proceedings.

Vanessa and Tres

The waterworks began again with Dr. Pepper learning that the two were no longer together. It was the experts’ best hope for one success in two seasons.

Where did it go off the rails?

As many have believed, including this viewer, it seemed Vanessa was only truly happy when Tres was demonstrating how much he cared and proved that through gifts, surprises and things that made Vanessa feel loved.

He got tired of it, and told Dr. Schwartz that he got angry about having to prove his dedication to the marriage over and over. Then he blew it sky high when he stopped being intimate with her.

Vanessa cried when she told Schwartz that it only added to her insecurity about the relationship and it humiliated her, making her feel unattractive and rejected.

Tres admitted that was all on him and he apologized on the set to her when the two agreed to sit down next to each other on camera. Vanessa returned to that moment when they had a party at the house and Tres recoiled, probably in jest when the word “love” was used.

The discomfort between them was so clear when they sat there looking at Dr. Schwartz. Vanessa’s body language had her lerning slightly away from Tres as she sat stone faced, accepting his apologies for hurting her.

While Vanessa offered her own, it was not as clear and true. She said “I’m sorry” only after he said it to her and admitted that now that he had done that, she could issue her own blanket mea culpa.

She never mentioned anything specific about what she did to hurt him and you could see that Tres felt like he was back to square one with her.

Although the two agreed to a dinner meeting with Dr. Pepper’s encouragement, all they agreed to do was part as friends, and take away some lovely memories of their time together.

Wrap up

While all the couples agreed that they were sadder but wiser, they nonetheless extolled the virutes of being on the show and recommended it for others.

Really? The cameras around for six weeks, having to listen to people, including this viewer critique them on a weekly basis, having the least flattering portrayal of yourself on film for the rest of time, and then watching a relationship crater are things they would recommend?

That makes me certain that A&E is already interviewing new couples for the next season.

What were your big takeaways from “Six Months Later” and do you think it’s possible Sam and Neil are living together by the next time we see them?

Photo credit: A&E, MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT used with permission 

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