SCANDAL Recap: Jake Tells Olivia, ‘You Know What I’m Doing’ and So Did We, Right?

SCANDAL aired “The Fish Rots From the Head”, and there was plenty of love-making, because President Fitzgerald Grant is in his slut phase as he moves through the post-Olivia Pope era.

As you can see from the video posted below, Olivia began to lecture Fitz, in the Oval no less, and the two begin a typical argument couples have after they’ve broken up.

There’s one big difference, however, and that is the introduction of Mellie into the conversation. Fitz learned about Liv helping his ex-wife get her biography to market, and it makes the president furious when Liv begins to lecture him about his bed hopping with anyone who catches his fancy.

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Oh yeah, he just gives a quick signal to the Secret Service detail near him, or Abby if she’s in the vicinity, and the process of getting the woman of the moment into bed with the president begins.

There’s a confidentiality agreement involved and all electronic devices must be left at the bedroom door.

The Liv-Fitz argument ended when Fitzgerald Grant said he no long needs to listen to her, admitting that he was led around by the nose on presidential decisions while they were trying to be a public couple. It’s a cringe-worthy moment, but gets Olivia to her point.

With the death of a hooker at a party thrown by Secret Service agents, the presidential bedhopping set a tone that could give people down the food chain the idea they can get away with the same activities. That’s where the title of the episode came from.

She was referring to a horrible crime perpetrated by the Secret Service that Fitz was unaware of.

It’s Liv’s case of the week which began with Abby hiring OPA to “handle” the hotel room scene when all thought a hooker died in a tragic accident at a drug and booze-filled party. Liv ordered the crew to clean up the crime scene and cover up the situation, until she got lectured by Marcus, who went out and investigated what really happened.

He convinced his boss that to get justice for the girl, she would have to do the white-hat thing which isn’t as popular as it used to be.

The young woman did have an accident and cracked her head open in a drugged state, but she was alive. The Secret Service injected her with more drugs than was necessary to make it seem like she over-dosed while she was still bleeding.

When that was brought to Liv’s attention, she couldn’t stomach it any longer. Already knowing about the presidential bed-hopping, it gave her the opening to get Fitz to be more discreet and demand he seek justice for the dead hooker, no matter the embarrassment for his security detail and the entire organization.

The reason Liv, at first was happy to just let the case go until she couldn’t, was her new preoccupation. Her employees, including Huck aren’t happy that she’s been listless and not herself.

She is tailing Jake and his girlfriend Vanessa, trying to divine what he’s up to. She cannot imagine that the relationship is real, at least on Jake’s side and knowing he killed someone to get the NSA job, she is of the belief that he and Papa Pope are plotting something.

She’s jealous, although she doesn’t want to admit it, and their nightly angry/rough sex sessions have ceased, at her insistence.

In the scene that made me write the title to this recap, you realized that Liv needs the drug Jake brings, and that would be taking her to a climax like no one else can.

He gloated about it, which he’s done in the past, but now with their strange arrangement, it sounds more harsh than usual. He knows he’s got what Liv can’t seem to resist, if you exclude the nightly wine drinking.

She was alone, asleep in bed and woke to find Jake at the foot of her bed. “What are you doing?” she asked, to which he answered, “You know what I’m doing,” as he slid his hand under the covers and had her in ecstasy within moments.

His victory had that undertone of nastiness he’s been using since the two began their angry/hate sex thing. He reiterated that he alone had the tools to make her that happy, and who are we to argue, right? The Olitz sex wasn’t like that, as Liv learned so well when Jake was on that island with her.

But, inexplicably she stopped him as she was about to hit the apex of her pleasure, because he let her know he was aware of her tailing him around town. He knew she was watching him have dinner with the new girlfriend and Olivia didn’t like how that felt, no matter what Jake’s hand was doing.

Damn, not sure many of us have super powers to be able to call a halt to it all before the big payoff.

When she finally showed up at her father’s house for Sunday dinner, he was surprised because he wasn’t expecting her. Papa Pope knew she was there to snoop around and so he invited her to stay. She was faced with Jake and Vanessa, ready to drink champagne to toast to their engagement.

Who didn’t have their stomach drop watching that?  We know there’s nothing worse than having to feign happiness in the face of the new girl after a breakup.

Meanwhile back on the Fitz front, the news of Liv helping Mellie made the president get back to work and he offered his endorsement to Mellie’s rival, Veep Susan Ross. The problem is Ross doesn’t want it, because of Fitz’s moral compass.

Is someone going to knock her off her perch at some point, or are we stuck with Susan being the new Sally Langston, without the bible thumping?

David is still having sex with both Susan and Liz North, with Liz winning. She was about to deny him her favors until he agreed to keep hocking Susan about going on Langston’s show to stand behind the president’s positions. He succeeded after a bedtime chat with the Veep, and Susan winced as she lied to Sally and her lovers of liberty.

That brings us to the education bill and Cyrus Beene’s new life plan. He has succeeded in manipulating Governor Vargas of Pennsylvania, who has a bold plan to make higher education free. Cy has encouraged the governor to take many victory laps in public over the leaked video of him being a hero. Of course, we know it was all staged with the help of Charlie and now Cyrus needed to get the governor to the finish line.

That means TV exposure, lots of press and a meeting with Fitz, during which he insulted the governor, as Cy knew he would. It got Vargas riled up and Cyrus went in for the kill.

Beene kept encouraging Vargas to throw his hat in the ring to be POTUS, something the governor was opposed to. He’s got a young daughter going through cancer treatments and his personal instinct is to stay close to her, rather than seek the highest office in the land.

How do you get around that kind of story? If you’re Cyrus Beene you lie. Cy got to him by spinning a touching story about his own brother who was paralyzed after a tragic accident, yet told Cyrus to go off and pursue his dream of attending Harvard, getting a law degree and someday running for president.

Damn, if Cyrus didn’t make Vargas feel like his little girl would want what Cy’s brother did. As Michael later said to Cy, “I didn’t think you had a brother,” to which Cyrus replied, “I don’t”.

Cyrus is back in a big way

ABC airs SCANDAL Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT, as part of its #TGIT night. Video/image credit: ABC, used with permission

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