MOONSHINERS on Discovery Channel. Josh & Bill on the move.

MOONSHINERS Special Tonight: Sometimes Moving Shine Can Be Trickier Than Making It!

MOONSHINERS fans wrapped up the season with their favorite backwoods outlaws last week on Discovery Channel. But, that doesn’t mean that the season is finished! Tonight, on a new MOONSHINERS special, the shiners are exploring one of the long-required skills of successful shining operations everywhere: Speed.

The most dangerous part of the moonshining process may well not be in the actual making of the product, but in the delivery to the customer. Fans have seen over the MOONSHINERS seasons how nervous the shiners get when it is time to take the shine to a buyer and collect their cash. Why? Well, probably because at that point, there is no denying one is involved in operating an illegal moonshine business! No one wants to go to jail, after all. So, having a fast car–and the skills to drive it–have long been held as valuable aspects of the backwoods moonshining business.

Tonight, according to Discovery Channel, on a special MOONSHINERS episode, “Need For Speed,” with the active shine season behind them and time to take care of other important aspects of the business, preparing for next season, the shiners are taking a closer look at how their operations can be improved when they are on-the-move:

Whether eluding a tail or nailing a 90-degree turn, shiners have long relied on their trusty cars to bootleg their haul. In this Moonshiners special, master shiner and amateur race car driver, Josh, aims to take his dirt track skills to the next level with the help of a speedway pro. Tyler searches for the perfect bootlegging car. Mark & Huck take their haul off-road to deliver across state lines undetected. While Mark & Digger aim to revive a heritage car to its bootlegging glory.

Can the shiners put some quick distance between themselves and a stay in the slammer? Stay tuned!

MOONSHINERS is produced for Discovery Channel by Magilla Entertainment. Matthew Ostrom, Laura Palumbo Johnson and Christopher Tetens are the executive producers and Gerry Grzywacz is co-executive producer for Magilla Entertainment. Joseph Schneier is the executive producer, and Lisbeth Lozano and Max Micallef are Coordinating Producers for Discovery Channel.

MOONSHINERS airs on Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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