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Are Jessi & Chris Just Too Unprepared to Survive the Harsh YUKON MEN Winter?

UPDATED: Season 6 season premiere: civilization arrives, so does danger

The new season of YUKON MEN on Discovery Channel is in full swing, and the residents of Tanana have a formidable task ahead of them: Rediscover their lives among ashes. Life in Alaska is struggle enough, without the challenge of forest fire. But, for these residents, Tanana is home.

“I’ve never seen such widespread destruction,” Charlie Wright said. “So, I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

However, one of the biggest question marks on this season of YUKON MEN is probably young couple Chris and Jessi Morse, about 60 miles from the destruction facing Tanana residents. Chris and Jessi struggled to get down the Cosna River and to their property. Chris wants to get back to his roots; Jessi shares her husband’s dream of living off the land. Their biggest issue at the moment seems to be preparation; do they have any idea how to prepare for a winter in the Yukon? Do they know how to supply themselves with clean water–even in the short-term? “Anywhere else, in any city, water is not a problem,” Jessi observed. “It’s always been at the tip of my fingers. And, I don’t have any of that out here.”

They also do not have food, other than what they brought with them–and it’s not a lot.

The couple’s intentions are good. And, they have a better start than most, having land and a cabin that Chris’s dad built and once occupied. But, unfortunately, just because dad was able to do it doesn’t make it something the kids have the capability of doing–and whether or not Chris has his dad’s skills and understanding of what it takes to live in an isolated area like the Yukon, and teach them to his wife? “There’s so much back at home that I’ve taken for granted,” he said. “When we’re back in town, we just go to the grocery store, pick up a little bit of meat and call it good. But, out here? There’s no grocery store to go to.” Chris’s father was able to put food on the table by hunting; but, can Chris follow in his footsteps?

We don’t know, but Jessi did not seem crazy about making squirrel stew. “Honestly, it never crossed my mind that squirrel was really edible.”

Things are not looking good for the Morse adventure. Will things get better for them this week on YUKON MEN? According to Discovery Channel, it appears almost everyone, not just the Morses, is reaching a breaking point in preparing for winter and moving forward into the unknown. The Zurays are doing pretty well, following Joey’s moose kill last week, but others? This week, on episode “Desperate Measures”:

Rebuilding after the fire set everyone back. Charlie needs all his native wisdom to supply his family this winter. Pat Moore gambles big, trading a prize sled dog for a handful of goats. Stan needs James’ lumber to help rebuild his cabin.

“I might be in over my head,” Chris said last week. “I might not be able to make it. I’m starting to freak out.” But, fortunately, Jessi has the patience her husband lacks–as she proved last week in their smokehouse-building project. Now, can they just get a moose to fill it?

Stay tuned.

YUKON MEN airs on Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 10/9c.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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15 thoughts on “Are Jessi & Chris Just Too Unprepared to Survive the Harsh YUKON MEN Winter?

  1. I cringe when he has his rifle over his shoulder and has absolutely no regard for the direction the barrel is pointed – and it points at Jess. Always control the direction of a firearm muzzle.

  2. Did Chris & jessi survive the winter w/o a moose? Chris was painfully thin after losing in excess of 40 lbs & haven’t seen follow up on them. Did they go back to town? Am worried about the

  3. Did they leave the show, the camera crew could get them the food they need, Hunting takes time and Jess has the witts to calm Chris down until they figure it out, animals have season when tey move more then other times, be ready it will come.

  4. I’m translating the show into a European language, and I am always astonished by the way Chris talks in first person about everything “I want to push myself to see what I’m made of”, “I am following in my father’s footsteps”, “I this and I that”. Doesn’t sound like he considers himself only part of team Chris and Jess. Always sound like Jess is only a minion dragged along. More respect for Jess!!!

  5. Are Jessie and Chris related by blood? She has to practice a lot to come up with those stupid looks…….if she doesn’t practice, then I go back to my “blood related!” Chris should be working at a McDonalds or BK, he sure does’t belong in the wilds of Alaska…….These two make Yukon Men a comedy!

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