Can Chris & Jessi Survive a YUKON MEN Winter with No Moose & a Sketchy Heat Source?

UPDATED: Fans got their answer last night on “Yukon Men” Season Finale; read the recap!

Winter is coming on fast in Tanana, as it always appears to do on Discovery Channel’s YUKON MEN. Once the short summer is over, it seems to be almost no time before a chill in the air becomes a deep and potentially deadly Alaskan freeze.

Winter in Alaska is no joke. And, living off the land, away from city life, shelves stocked with food and propane trucks ready to fill your tank with a new load of easy-to-access heat, well, things can get dangerous fast when someone is not fully prepared. And, new YUKON MEN cast members Chris and Jessi seem to be in just that predicament.

The Tanana residents on the show seem to be struggling, as well, following the fire that ravaged the area, including the hunting grounds. Pat Moore has even resorted to buying–actually trading a prized sled dog–for four goats to get meat for winter. But, Chris and Jessi? They are living in an area that appears even more isolated than Tanana, and they have no choice but to hunt for their winter meat. But, things are not going so well for the off-the-grid newbies.

Both appear to have had a rather romanticized idea of what life at Chris’s father’s cabin would be like; Jessi even seemed to be surprised a bear would be in the general vicinity of where they are living. It is understandable, of course, she would be afraid of bears, especially having had a friend who experienced her husband being mauled, apparently to death, by one. But, still, they are going to be a fact of life where they are, and that fact appeared to be a new consideration for her last week. She did, however, seem to be up to that particular challenge, saying, “We don’t have time to be scared. We have to get this moose, or everything that we’ve worked for, it will just be gone. It will be crippling.”

So, the Moores got their (badly behaved) goats; Charlie got his moose, before the close of moose season; and, of course, Joey had gotten his moose triumphantly previously. But, unfortunately for Chris and Jessi, moose season closed without a kill for them; not as much as a sighting. What will they do, now? Will it really be as dire as they now fear? According to Discovery Channel, on all-new episode, “Drive to Survive”:

With a brutal winter taking hold, Chris and Jessi struggle to stay warm. In Rampart, Charlie digs deep into his bag of tricks. Stan and Joey build a monster truck to help rebuild Tozi cabin.

No moose; not enough heat; can the idealistic couple really survive the winter in Alaska? Do they really want to? Have they just taken on too much? “I don’t know what to do,” Chris said.

Stay tuned.

YUKON MEN airs on Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 10/9c.

Image:  Courtesy of Discovery Channel, Used with Permission

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