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‘Yukon Men’ Season Finale: Did Chris & Jessi Make the Right Call, Going into a Live Bear Den?

Updated: EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of season 6 ep. 2. Watch Curtis endangered clearing the Charlie’s trapline.

Watching Jessi crawl into bear dens last night on the Season Finale of “Yukon Men,” mixed feelings arose. On the one hand, someone going into the den was her suggestion in the first place–she just assumed the one going in would be Chris. That was clear on her face when he said it would have to be her, because, unlike him, she could not pull him out if he got in trouble and needed immediate removal.

On the other hand, they needed food, whatever way they could get it. Chris had lost 40 pounds, and they were tearing thru their emergency stock of food–and winter was just getting started. Every attempt to find big game had been a failure. Heck, every attempt to find small game had been a failure, except for an immediate meal that night. One beaver here, a fish or two there, it just does not work in an area with the harsh weather conditions of Alaska and the high calorie expenditures one has when living in the bush. They needed big game, and it looked like their only option was going into a bear den.

The original bear hole was empty; whatever had lived there had moved on; major disappointment. But, one thing you have to give Chris and Jessi: They never seem to give up. They went looking for another bear den–apparently when they move out of one, they often move to a new one nearby–and found it. The frost on the outside indicated something was breathing on the inside. And, when Jessi crawled into it, she knew there was something to face on the inside.

Turns out, she is pretty good bear bait.

Watching them lure the bear out via Jessi still results in mixed emotions. It’s hard to deem it a good idea in any way; on the other hand, they were in a position few of us in the U.S. ever really are these days (just look around you, you’ll see that’s true). They were not going to have enough food to get thru the winter if they did not kill something substantial, and watching them drag that bear in the snow and butcher it when they got home made it a little easier to give the couple a cautionary “thumbs up” for their success.

Plus, Jessi really faced her fears, and it seemed to empower her; it’s hard to argue with that result, as well.

If Chris and Jessi can do all of that, then we think they have what it takes to live a long and happy life in the bush of Alaska, if they so choose. What do you think? Regardless of the positive outcome, was poking around in a bear den a mistake? Or do you give the duo a thumbs-up, as well? Let us know in the comment section below.

“Yukon Men” airs on Discovery Channel. Next Friday, April 29, check out a new “Alaskan Bush People” special at 9/8c, followed by an all-new Series Premiere, “Trailblazers,” at 10/9c.

Image: Courtesy of Discovery Channel, Used with Permission

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22 thoughts on “‘Yukon Men’ Season Finale: Did Chris & Jessi Make the Right Call, Going into a Live Bear Den?

  1. I think poking the bear with a very long tree branch or building a nice smokey fire just outside the den and smoking him out would have been much safer and smarter. The method Chris and Jessi used to lure the bear out of the den seems so wacko and so dangerous that I wonder if it really happened or was a complete hoax to bolster ratings! If it was real, suppose Jessi’s jacket would have caught on a tree root when Chris tried to pull her out of the den? I doubt if Jessi’s beautiful face would have been quite so lovely any more! And if it really happened, that girl is certainly unbelievably braver than I am.

  2. I think it was a desperate measure and it called for despite action. He is great husband never wanting to fail his wife. Jessi has stepped up unbelievable how much she has adjusted. I love Jessi and Chris. He is never giving up and so is Jess. If you think you could have done better then hats off to you. I know they did what they needed too.

  3. I have enjoyed watching and learning about the people of Tanana and it has seemed realistic. That is until the Morse husband and wife showed up. They are so unreal they belong with the Bush People Browns. Examples: moving to the wilderness in winter without adequate supplies and one day of moose season? Bear hunting with a pistol? Fixing a snow machine that has been in ruins under rain and snow for twenty years? Instead of getting wood and hunting for food he builds a bath house? Losing 40 pounds in a month? etc, etc Get rid of them they hurt the authenticity of the program.

    • This show is going down with “The Bush People”. Clearly the bear hunt was staged. They had killed the bear earlier. the bear was not visible when he fired the pistol. One shot only from the pistol and the bear is dead. Heh heh… The show was becoming so dull so the producers decided to add some exitment.

  4. I agree totally with skeptic.Was it because it was the last episode that the producers decided to create a situation that was a total hoax? This kid and baby wife decide to move to the wilderness with literally no preparation? The entire concept was ridiculous. I have enjoyed this season so much until this most recent episode.

  5. It wasn’t reality. The producers would nit allow her to enter the fen of a real bear. Sound effects were good but the acting was poor.

  6. These Alaska shows are all just BS these days. Nothing but hyped up nonsense. This is a fine example of it. Discovery is quickly becoming the BSHype chanel.

  7. The first den they went to, neither had guns drawn. Almost as if they knew there wasn’t going to be a bear. Second den they approach, both have guns drawn. I bet there is going to be a bear this time, sure enough. If they are really as naive as portrayed, they will come to a terrible end.

  8. Well not sure one way or the other but would not send my wife in there he is a frigging coward to do that.I bet her parents told hear after that get rid of that looser.

  9. I am rooting for this brave, young couple living their Alaskan bush dream! Due to inexperience, they did make mistakes in prioritizing the hunting & cutting firewood for the upcoming winter freeze and therefore suffered malnutrition & cold temps. But they have learned from their mistakes and persevered. I think they will continue learning & go on to live their dreams of freedom that comes from remote bush living well fed, happy & well prepared with ample resources gathered from the summer & fall. I envy their gusto for adventure & living off the land. I’m confident that this winter will be quite different than last year. They are young & healthy and willing & able to work hard everyday so that their needs are met.

  10. Jessica Morse from the reality show Yukon men may have may have injected herself in an active homicide investigation, and become a suspect.

  11. Chris,goes back and forth from right hand rifle to left hand rifle
    Phony bs
    Who didn’t catch this on episode 2,27,17
    Total phony ass

  12. Sent his WIFE into a bear den?!?!? I can`t imagine anyone being THIS STUPID. Here`s a thought,,and mind you, just a thought. But how about next time,,,now I know this might sound goofy. But next time,,maybe bring along one of those new fangled things called a FLASHLIGHT. Or perhaps, as mentioned before,,poking a long stick in there,,you know,, rather than his wife, HEAD FIRST.

  13. Omg YUKON MEN
    SO her dumb ass crawls into a bear den because they need meat for the winter
    If a bear had been there she would hav been the meat
    The guy Cris talks so fast an his voice make me cringe
    You can tell he an his wife are two NUT JOBS

  14. Please, PLEASE take the whiny couple off Yukon Men. They do dumb things, don’t plan ahead and ruin the show for the rest of the residents. Cris & Jessi need to go !

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