GOOD WITCH, Hallmark Channel. Photo: James Denton, Bailee Madison, Catherine Bell, Dan Payne Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Brooke Palmer

Cassie Nightingale Faces Her Past Tonight on ‘Good Witch’; Will She Find Clarity at Last? Video Preview!

It’s a new week for “Good Witch,” and yet another problem awaits the spellbinding Cassie Nightingale on this Hallmark Channel fan favorite, starring Catherine Bell and James Denton.

According to Hallmark Channel, tonight on “Out of the Past,” the usually unflappable Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell) is unnerved when her college friend John (Dan Payne) begins to dig up her past, just as her old flame Ryan (Anthony Lemke) returns to Middleton with unfinished business. While Cassie attempts to keep both men from hindering her friendship with Sam (James Denton), the good doctor continues to contend with Linda (Gabrielle Miller) about what’s best for their son Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond), who starts to see the cracks in his parent’s forced truce.

Meanwhile, Grace (Bailee Madison) decides to postpone her driving test before her last road lesson, prompting a concerned Sam to question her motives. Abigail’s (Sarah Power) new flower shop is flourishing, despite her noticeable hands-off approach. But when Abigail’s overworked assistant grows more and more exasperated Cassie senses her cousin is about to get her first real business lesson just as Middleton’s number one customer, Martha (Catherine Disher), is relying on her.

At the bistro, Stephanie (Kylee Evans) is surprised with a visit from her overbearing mother Betty (Sherry Miller), but decides to keep her new romance with Ben (Jefferson Brown) under wraps against Cassie’s knowing advice–only to see her plan quickly unravel. And as Cassie meets with Ryan to put the past behind them, the charming enchantress suddenly finds herself questioning if she’s ready for a new romance after all–with anyone.

Also starring: Dan Jeannotte (“Brandon”), Rebecca Dalton (“Tara”), Noah Cappe (“Police Chief Derek”), Kate Corbett (“Eve”), Teagan Vincze (“Sophie”), Paul Miller (“Tom Tinsdale”), Natalie Lisinska (“Sharon”), Edward Ruttle (“Michael”) and Jonathan Purdon (“Carl”).

“Good Witch,” is a Whizbang Films Production. Orly Adelson, Jonathan Eskenas, Frank Siracusa, Craig Pryce and Sue Tenney are the executive producers. Catherine Bell is coexecutive producer. Andrea Raffaghello is producer. ITV Studios America controls distribution rights in the world for “Good Witch” outside of North America.

This episode of “Good Witch” premieres on Hallmark Channel tonight, Sunday, May 1, at 9/8c.

And, be sure to catch Catherine Bell on the upcoming week of Hallmark Channel’s daily fan-favorite show, “Home & Family.” We have the details here on TVRuckus!

Image:  Courtesy of Hallmark Channel, Used with Permission. Photo: James Denton, Bailee Madison, Catherine Bell, Dan Payne. Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Brooke Palmer.

Video:  YouTube

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