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Fans Giving History Channel Props for Renewing ‘Swamp People’ for Another Season Before Tonight’s Finale!

The Season Finale of “Swamp People” is upon us tonight. But, when the season began, it was heralded as the final season of the series, upsetting many fans and leading them to ask History Channel, over and over, for answers.

Has History Channel listened it its viewers and renewed the hit series for another season?

As of today, we have been able to get an official confirmation from History Channel that, yes, indeed, the show fans love so much, “Swamp People,” will be returning for another season, despite the announcement at the beginning of the season that this would be the end of the line for viewers’ favorite swampers.

We have been fielding fans’ questions for months, and we’ve definitely made sure someone from History Channel was aware of how TVRuckus readers felt about this family-friendly show. As “Swamp People” viewers expressed over and over, the number of family-friendly shows, things you really don’t mind sitting down with your kids and watching–heck, even encourage your kids to watch–are dwindling. Why take off one of the best for no other apparent reason than they were just taking it off? It’s been clear: The audience is still there.

Now, fans just need to plan to do their part next season and watch; make sure the ratings reflect the numbers the many complaints, pleas and rationalizations claimed would be there if the network changed its mind on this one–something networks are not well-known for doing. So, let’s give some props to the History Channel for listening to its viewers and doing what they asked: Bring back a favorite show. After all, networks are only in business because of their viewers; it is nice to see viewers band together and make that clear. So, props to the fans of History Channel, as well.

Now, for tonight’s Season–not Series–Finale. According to History Channel, on “End of the Line”:

The Landrys race to tag out on the last day of the season, but they’ve got company, as R.J. and Jay Paul invade their territory looking to tag out themselves. And the Edgars attempt to catch their last haul of gators…with a little help from their friends.

Stay tuned.

The Season Finale of “Swamp People” airs on History Channel tonight, Monday, May 2 at 9/8c.

Image:  Courtesy of History Channel, Used with Permission

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18 thoughts on “Fans Giving History Channel Props for Renewing ‘Swamp People’ for Another Season Before Tonight’s Finale!

  1. Thank you for renewing Swamp People. It is my favorite TV show. My entire family lives the show. We are very happy to know we can watch it again next season. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for renewing Swamp People. It is my favorite TV show. My entire family lives the show. We are very happy to know we can watch it again next season. Thank you. I got a response that I had already sent this comment, but I have not.

  3. Why is it tv company’s always take off the good shows. I am a die hard swamp people watcher. I look forward for the new season to come on. I wish it was on all year around. So please leave swamp people on.
    Thank you Rebekah Jones
    From Archbold ohio.

  4. I am glad that they decided on another season. I hope they take this time to think about it and keep it on for more than just one more season. I hope they bring back Jr Edwards I like him better than the ones from Houma. Thank you history channel for this is one of the best show that y’all have. I am one happy fan and I am sure there are many more

  5. A series that shows people killing alligators would not be considered “family friendly.” The series has the close family feeling for sure.

  6. I’m so glad that they will back the show back. I love to watch these famailies working together to earn a living. I’m going to miss driving through Louisiana since my son have relocated to another state. Beautiful country for sure. Thank you history channel.

  7. Glad to hear the History Channel has decided to bring back Swamp People for another season. My family watches it faithfully. The only complaint I have is the decision to replace the Edwards family and Liz and her family. They were a part of the show for a long time and we always enjoyed the episodes featuring them. Hopefully History Channel will take this into consideration also. Nothing against the Edgar family or the other new cast members, but it just wasn’t the same.

  8. Thank You Thank You Thank You for renewing this show!!! My husband and I LOVE watching this show. I was very upset when I heard this was the last season, and up until this morning, I was still thinking I had said my goodbyes to the boys. I almost came out of my chair when I read the show was renewed. Please give us more Willie. It takes 2 hunters to do what he does all by his skinny self! He has my utmost respect.

  9. Thank you for not taking a family show off the air.The show that teaches you about how a family is suppose to stick together i love this show.

  10. Thank you History channel for your reconsideration and bringing back our favorite show on all of TV… We were so upset when you earlier mentioned this was the last season… It makes us feel good that your a network that listens to it’s viewers and there wants and needs… Would love to see some more of the old cast members that was originally on the show in the beginning… Of course everyone’s favorite is Troy and his sons… We of course will always watch Swamp People for years and years !!! Thank you again…

  11. I’m very pleased the History Channel reconsidered their decision. I find myself invested in the lives of these reptile hunters. It is truly a form of entertainment that I’ve become familiar with and look forward to each season.

  12. Am glad its back for another season i think they should add shelby stinga to the show he has so much character and funny as hell

  13. Need much more of the old cast from the beginning! If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. What was the reasoning behind canceling the show? Why can’t we watch reruns throughout the year, like so many others? Us “swampers” are beginning to take this personally. Thank you for allowing us another season.

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