Mary Padian, cast member of "Storage Wars"

Mary Padian Introduced Boyfriend on ‘Storage Wars’! What’s Her Type?

Update: Mary and Kenny are new tag team on “Storage Wars”. How’s that going?

Mary Padian did not go alone to the auction in El Monte on a new “Storage Wars” episode, and if you didn’t see it then you might not know what’s new. Ever wonder if she had a boyfriend? Wonder no more.

Mary brought a tall, good looking, blonde, man-bun wearing dude who got an eyeful of what Padian does for a living. He came in very handy when the heavy lifting started.  As Rene Nezhoda teased, “Hey, anything for free labor.”

Who is he? Here’s Mary’s introduction:

“I’ve been looking for love since I moved to California. Who’d have thunk I needed to pop back down to Texas to find my perfect man. This is Dylan. Isn’t he dreamy?”

So many questions swirled, and of course only Rene had the guts to wonder, “Do you finally have an employee?”. It was Dylan who answered, not Mary. “No, a boyfriend” he quickly said. Rene kept it up, “Boyfriend? Robbing the cradle… aren’t there laws against that?”

We know he was only teasing, but Mary took the bait, defending her choice, “He’s not that young!”. So, she likes them tall, blonde, handsome and young. Are you guys out there taking notes? Dylan didn’t stick around for the entire show, returning to Texas before Padian took one of the treasures she found in a locker to an expert for an estimate.

Did you catch Mary and Hester doing business together last week after the Palm Springs auction? Here’s a vidwo clip to prove it! 

The show’s title, “Mary’s Big Score” might have referred to Dylan as well as her earnings. She made a cool profit on the locker, as she did in the other show last night, “The Lion of Lancaster”. The lion reference was to Ivy Calvin who defended his home turf against all comers, including Dave Hester.

Since these shows are taped months in advance of airing, wouldn’t you like to know if there is a long distance relationship going on between those two? And for those who like to think they’d be a good match for Mary, now you know her type. Still interested?

A&E airs new “Storage Wars” episodes Tuesday nights. Currently they begin at 10 p.m. ET/PT, but the network is known to move that around. Check your local listings for times in your area.  Photo credit: A&E, used with permission 

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