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‘The Last Alaskans’ Bob Harte Leaves the Refuge; Will He Ever Return?

UPDATED: Discovery’s announcement about Bob’s death gets fans reacting with love

“The Last Alaskans” is Discovery Channel’s reality series documenting the lives of those with permits to live in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. As viewers are frequently reminded, only seven permits remain and, within 100 years, no one will be living in the refuge. Last night, refuge dweller Bob Harte had to face a hard reality, and his final decision may have a lasting impact on the refuge population.

Of course, Bob has been living in the refuge by himself for a lot of years, now. He, like the others, makes trips into town; some go more frequently than others, depending on their lifestyle. And, fans know that Bob’s health has been failing. But, this season, he was looking particularly frail and tired. So, it wasn’t a real surprise when he and his ex-wife, Nancy, sat down to have “the talk” last night.

Nancy and Bob seem to have a great relationship after all of these years. They have a daughter together, Talicia, and still appear to have real affection for each other. But, they could not come to an agreement on living in the wilderness of the refuge many years ago: Bob wanted it and, apparently, she did not. The disagreement apparently was too much to overcome, and their marriage ended. But, to this day, they do seem to care for each other. So, it was no surprise when Nancy visited Bob last night–other than just the simple fact of her going to the refuge itself–and they discussed Bob’s future.

One may have thought it would have been a tough discussion. But, in fact, it seemed that Bob had already made his peace with his situation. He knew that he was no longer well enough to live the harsh life the refuge demands. And, because he was satisfied with the life he has lived, it seemed that his decision to move to town, where perhaps he could gain back some strength and live his last days more comfortably, was not as difficult or even emotional as one may have imagined. It was sad, watching him pack up for a move that may ultimately be one-way. But, Bob was matter-of-fact:

I could die tomorrow or today; I’d be happy with my life. I don’t know what’s coming ahead, but the memories are tremendous. If I never go back to the woods, I’ll remember the animals, the fishing, the colors in the fall, tremendous. It’s beautiful. And, the freedom to do what you want. I wouldn’t want to lose that; I can’t lose that.

We hope you don’t Bob; we hope you continue live a blessed life going forward. And, we hope all of the dreams you detailed as you left the refuge, from California to Key West, come true.

“The Last Alaskans” airs on Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 10/9c.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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112 thoughts on “‘The Last Alaskans’ Bob Harte Leaves the Refuge; Will He Ever Return?

  1. I’ve watched the show since the beginning and feel like I know the people, especially Heimo and Bob. It’s really sad to see Bob go, I wish him the best and hope he regains some of his health.

  2. I am so envious of these families. They exhibit truth to themselves, their families and the enviorment they live in. Bob, enjoy your next journey.

    • Guess you don’t know the premise of the show. So you’ll take Bob place right? Are you his son or daughter? I bet not which means you couldn’t take his place at the cabin. Listen to the open monologue. When he is gone and if the children in this case his daughter either lives in the cabin or passes herself the state of Alaska will reclaim the land. No one is allowed to live there accept him and his descendants. Your comment sucks

      • No Jim…the way you treated the poster Mark sucked. You were not nice at all just because he did not know that wee bit of info you so smarty pants like gave him and then at the end told him his comment sucked. WHY did it suck? I think you suck for treating Mark like you did but at least the whole country gets to see what a JERK you are and how much YOU suck! Idiot.

    • I’m sure you knew the show and meant being a “long term” guest. Bob can still do whatever he wants to with his cabin and land. He would probably love it.

  3. It broke my heart for him. That way of life is part of his soul. That is what makes it so true and beautiful. Hope he recovers his health so he can return, Sending prayers and healing karma/

  4. So sorry to see you leave Bob, you’ll be surely missed! Praying for your recovery to good health, and wishing you the best for your new adventure. Keep in touch, let us know how you’re doing.

  5. Bob , you are a strong spirit and it will see you through no matter what is to come. Like millions of your fans, I will miss seeing you. I’m greatful you are with family. God’s blessings and prayers that whatever comes you and your family have each other. God bless. Jackie from ND

  6. God bless you Bob Harte may you walk in the tracks of never ending light of the the great Jesus Christ.

  7. Praying for a full recovery Bob. However Bob i wish that i could of lived the life you did. You really are a true inspiration to me. I will truely miss you on the show.

  8. Bob,

    God bless you sir. You were fortunate enough to take an amazing dream and live it. I admire your strength and envy the life you lived in the Artic Refuge. I too share the dream you have lived….only I am in the Colorado Rockies. This is my home and my family and I are in pursuit of a free life. Thank you for you words of encouragement.
    God blees and get to sweating in the Keys…..

  9. You have given me strenghthen with the PTSD I fight everyday. You inspire me to live. I’ve started hiking and planning to make some dreams come true, I love you man.

  10. Bob, miss U an Family, try to return, if possible. You have one of the Best Looking Dogs on TV. Your for real, Bless you an Family.Anthony

  11. Bob, What a special man you are. You are soft spoken, reflective and a gentle human being who got to live his dream. Hoping to see you on the show again in the future. May God bless you and bring healing to your body.

  12. I love the show, It broke my heart to see you leave. You have such a gentle soul. May God be with you and your family and to bring speedy healing to you. The Little Family, NC

  13. Blessings and prayers for your complete recovery, and return to the life you love, from your home state,New Jersey. I for one miss your enormous influence on the show, especially your insight about life in the Refuge. Thank you for sharing your experience with us so poignantly.

  14. If you are truly going to die, do it in the woods you love.
    If your family truly love you they will stay with you to the end.
    Gods speed…………

  15. I got to know you through your love of life. Living free, hard work, appreciating and grateful of all you had.. I’m happy your family is near you. I loved watching you take care of all you love
    . May you regain your health so you can return to your home. May you find peace in heart and know alot of people care. Prayers for you and your family. God Bless you.

  16. God Bless you Bob. I got an education from watching you live the life you loved. There are alot of people who care about you! May you find peace where ever you are. We are praying for you and your family. God Bless you!

  17. BOB if you beat 40 years in alaskas 50- beiow zeros winters…. you are one tough s.o.b not too many people get to live thier lives the way”they” wanted to…..IF you could beat alaska…you can beat your illness……hope you get well….we will pray for you…FROM one BOB to another BOB…god bless you and your family…..

  18. BOB from one BOB to another BOB…..Hope you get well soon… Forty years in alaska you got to live the way “YOU” wanted..NOT many people in the world get to do that.I hope you can beat your illness an go back to the place you love.WE will all pray for you GOD bless you your family and your dog…


  20. Bob I pray you get back to the life you love. I admire you and am grateful that you have a family who love you so much. God bless and keep you.

  21. Rough and tough is great but kind and gentle is really something that opens one’s heart. You’re a good man Mr. Harte–thanks for sharing your life with all of us.

  22. I hope the people making this show keep us informed on Bob’s health and whereabouts. You can’t help getting attached to these pioneers who live off the grid. To just leave us viewers in the dark after following his life would be a shame. God’s speed Bob.

  23. Praying for you, Bob. Loved watching you as such a sweet and gentle soul. You and Ruger make a great team !
    Wishing you the very best for your future travels !

  24. Bob is one of the most beautiful people I have ever had the honor of learning of. He has been such a honor to watch, his voice is so peaceful and he shows such emotion in his love for his Alaska. I feel as if I have come to know Alaska thru him.

    I am praying for his recovery so that he can go back to his cabin and fish and hunt again. Your in my prayers Bob!

  25. I have watched this show from the beginning! Love it so much and so sorry to see Bob leave. I pray that you regain your health and return to your beloved land!! Until then stay warm and stay safe!!

  26. I have grown to care about the people in the refuge especially Bob, Heimo and Edna. Take care bob and let us know if you get to the warm places. Godspeed.

  27. I sure hope you get to read all the notes people are sending you Bob. You are a well loved man and your kindness and integrity and love of Alaska is who you are. Godspeed my friend and I hope you get to do all you wish to accomplish.

  28. God bless you bob, but maybe you need some time with your family,
    When you loose your home, because of situations it like losing part of your soul . As my husband and I got older, we had to move to town .
    BUT God holds our future.

    • May God bless you too Anita may the the good Lord and the spirit wrap itself around you to keep you warm and safe. We are not perfect people and I’m sure you are a good person. It works if you work it.
      Love and Light
      A friend of Bill and Bob’s

  29. Bob , you are sweet funny and tough man . I too have the same type of I’llness as you and what I would give to have your strength . My wish was to live just one winter where your cabin is . We love you Bob and we want to thank you for sharing your life with us . Hope to see you back at your cabin God Bless you and God speed.

  30. I can’t begin to tell you Bob how you touched my heart, not once, not twice, but each and everytime I saw you, listened to you, Every word you spoke was with true and honest sincerity.. and for that..
    I love you, and admire you. for the wonderful human being that you are. never change. God Bless You.


  31. Bob I hope you are doing well, the show is not the same without you.I hope you get well and make it back on the show. I wish I knew how you are doing. God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ. William Baker

  32. Bob, I’ve really enjoyed watching you on the show. It brought tears to my eyes to see how happy & appreciative you were when Nancy came to your cabin and brought steak and mushrooms for you to have a special meal. I’m sorry you had to leave your beloved cabin and lifestyle in the Arctic Reserve due to your health, but I pray you’re no longer feeling lonely and that you’ll continue to be happy and fulfilled in this new chapter of your life. If you’re ever feeling lonely, remember there are many of us out there who care about you, but more importantly, that God loves you, cares for you and is there for you no matter where you are. May God bless you and keep you!

  33. I thank the Lord Jesus, son of God for the gift he gave to us in you. Those of us who came here years ago, know exactly of what you speak. Such a quiet & gentle man who appreciates this amazing place we live in. HIS gift is true love, & just wait till ya see what HE has on the other side for us…………God Bless YOU Bob.

  34. Bob, watching you live your dream has been a beautiful thing.

    I will dearly miss seeing you on tv and wish you much love and good health .

    Wish I could get an update of your new adventures.


  35. We loved watching you bob, hope that you live a wonderful life in the city, you now call home, we loved meeting your beautiful daughter, and your ex, she’s a wonderful women. God bless, try and see the beautiful United States of America

  36. Sorry to see Bob go. He needs to relax enjoy life. The wilderness has put it’s tole on him. I wish health-happiness- for him. this willl bring him closer to his family. I hope his thought to see the USA all come true. When he gave his precious dog to his daughter, I felt so sad for him, but, he has to get stronger. Who knows he may be back to Alaska. Love watching this show & the people’s lives. we have it easy compared to them. Admire them greatly. Prayers to Bob & all the Alaskans & family

  37. Bob: I have so enjoyed learning about your way of life and the way you live your life. Your soul shines through. Thank you for showing us a true pioneer who loves what he does and will continue to love it forever. God bless you and keep you safe and return your health so you can go home again.

  38. All the best Bob.
    Hope you find some strength and a means that enables you to return “home”.
    Like Ray Lewis said, “Once you’ve experienced it – you cannot LIVE without it”.
    Ask me – I too know this and left my own isolation and wilderness. But my yearning to return never ceases.
    All the best – and if you ever fancy eating some withchiti grubs, porcupine, goanna, emu or kangaroo meat let us know 😉 I’ve got a nice abandoned “cabin” – not quite as isolated and remote as your Arctic one!!

  39. Perhaps a few times in a person’s lifetime they have the privilege of knowing a man so special, so unique that he warms your heart to the very core. Bob Harte is that special man. There are also few men or women who lives their lives as they choose, not as others choose for them. It takes courage, strength and determination.
    God bless you Bob Harte for allowing us to know you.

  40. I love you Bob you are the best human being I ever knew. You were just like my father how love to be in the GREAT OUTDOORS. You are a great man! Hope you are feeling well.

  41. I am glad to see Bob go with Nancy. Living in the comfort and with the ones he loves is the best way to spend the rest of one’s life. You have seen the wild long enough. Go see the sights your that family may offer. Everything is better in town and you can live a happy life with the people you can “hold and kiss”. You said you miss that. You are wise to do so. Have a good time and enjoy your family and the dog.

  42. I’ve enjoyed watching the show each week, you guys have given me a different look into living. Thanks!! Take care of yourself Mr. Harte enjoy your beautiful daughter and your ex wife while life still have meaning. Hate to see you go, but I’d like to see you living well and happy again Thanks for a great show oh and Grugger (dog)❤️💕

  43. My prayers go out for Gentle Bob Harte. You are such an inspiration to us all. You have faced a harsh lifestyle with amazing fortitude and have shown your true love for life and the life you carved out for yourself. I pray you return to the show but if you don’t I pray your life is filled with as much love in whatever you are doing as it has been with you living on the refuge. God bless you and your family. You have been a joy to watch.
    Donna G

  44. god bless, you are an inspiration to the human spirit and I know wherever you go you will be treasured by all the lives you have touched. wishing you recovery and peace no matter vwhat the future holds. may the love and light of friends and family and fans surround you and support you and your family during this physically difficult time in your life. may the light surround you, support you, and warm your heart and soul aiding you with whatever journey bcomes next. thankyou for sharing your life with us god bless ! Sincerely, Crissy from New Jersey

  45. Bob Harte, YOU Warmed my Heart. Such a pleasant human being. God Bless Your Health and your Journey to all your destinations. Enjoy the USA. (CA, NV, AZ, TX, LA, FL). Keep Warm and Healthy Bob. Miss you already. Keep us abridge of how you are doing and on your travels.
    Best Wishes

  46. Hey Bob, make sure the makers of the show read how much we all want to be kept informed on how you are doing, i would quit watching the show if the producers don’t keep us informed. I expect your health to improve because there are so many people praying for you. I am John, from Oregon, and have really loved watching you on the show.

  47. Love the show especially Bob Harte. What a kind, sweet and gentle man, you can’t help loving him. Will miss him but hope that we get updates on how he is doing. He will be in our thoughts and prayers always. Mary & Frank ❤️

  48. Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob! Wow what a man, words cannot describe the raw emotions that you bring out in me when ever I hear you speak. All good I might add, you are a man’s man. An inpiration, your qualities are boundless, I only wish your health was equal. I will miss you but feel that you will be back at the homestead on occasion. You have a wonderful family and wish you the very best. Your a spirit and a guarded friend. I hope someday you write your memoirs so I can experience some of your life lessons. I would like to pass those on to my family and friends. Thank you & Godspeed Ray

  49. Dear Bob,

    I think about you all the time. You looked so weak the last time we saw you. I didn’t think you were going yo make it. I pray you’re satisfied with the life you’ve led out in the Bush of Alaska. I have utmost admiration for you, living in that lifestyle. I’ve watched the show since the beginning, and I must say, you’re one strong and sensitive human being. Please keep in touch with us, your TV family, as we love and miss you.

    Love and light to you and yours…


  50. Will miss you on the show and pray for your health and well being. I hope the show let’s us know how you are from time to time. The show is my hi light of the week, love Alaska.

  51. Bob I am praying for you hope your health gets better so you will get to come back this season you are a great person on the show but most of all take care of yourself for your daughter family is everything God Bless you and your daughter take care praying for your health

  52. Dear Bob
    You are in my prayers today, tomorrow and always. My prayer is for you to get better, gain weight and grow strong again. So you can once again walk to your cabin in the woods where we all know you really want to be.
    God bless and watch over you Bob ❤

  53. Dear Bob
    You are in my thoughts and my prayers. I pray for you to get stronger, gain weight and your health to improve, so you can once again return to the life you love. To your cabin, to your home
    God Bless you Bob Hate ❤

  54. Dear Bob,
    My husband and I just loved you on the show! You are an awesome individual.We are wondering how you are doing? I bet you never thought that a middle aged couple in Tennessee are thinking of you!
    We hope the best for you!
    Please let us know how you are doing?
    Fred & Reenie
    eastern TN

  55. Dear Bob, I feel like you are part of my family. Keep strong and get well. May the warm winds of Heaven blow softly upon your home, May the Great Spirit Bless all who enter there. May your moccasins make happy tracks in many snows. May the rainbow always touch your shoulder. Barbara Phoenix, Arizona

  56. Dear Bob
    Get well i hope that the stars wil shine on your home. Now the stars are not shining at all. Returns to your life in the bush that is my hope for you.
    Get well strong man
    Ron from the netherland

  57. Dear Bob

    I live in the uk and i just watched s2 ep4 and the thought of you not living in the refuge brought a tear to my eye,i hope your health improves very very soon and your back in the bush where you belong,but if its not to be i wish you a happy and peacefull life with your brave daughter,good luck Bob.

    Neil from the uk

  58. My name is Carol Bagwell and just wanted to say that me and my husband love this show. Please hurry and bring it back. How is bob ? I hope he’s ok. I cried and cried that last show with bob. He’s precious. Can you please give me a update on him and when is the show coming back on.

    • Right now there is nothing official from Animal Planet about a season 3. We will report when we get notified by the network.

  59. Ddear Bob, hope you will furfill the rest of youre dreams. Hope we all wil see you once in a while on discovery channel. Greets from the Netherlands!

  60. I have just started watching the last Alaskans.I am a heroine addict and it is so hard to stay clean when it is in Ur face on a daily basis I wish I had had a family to love me enough and a place and people like Bob and the korth family and that beautiful wilderness to grow up around instead of the city u wonderful human being give me some hope that one day I can have that kind of hard but wonderful and worth wild kind of life good luck to u Bob hope u get to go back to Ur dream one day and thank all of u for giving me something to dream and try to look forward too God bless all of you

  61. Hey Bob, I said in May if last year I was going to make some dreams come true. This March I am walking the entire Appalachian Trail in March. I have train since I last wrote. I suffer from PTSD, this trip is for you man.

  62. One more fan of all the wonderful folks in the refuge. At 64 now, I know this is a dream that I will never get to live but I am so grateful that I have been allowed to live a bit of it through watching yours. God has clearly blessed all of the families of the refuge and I join with many others in praying that Bob can return. If this is not in His plans, I will be hoping and praying the remaining time will be filled with warmth and love and the knowledge that from the middle of nowhere, you have touched the lives of more than you can ever know. God bless.

  63. I intend to check in on you with Google real often. Hoping your health improves and you Ruger and your daughter enjoy the days ahead. Your ex is a real sweetheart. Too bad the wilderness wasn’t for her.

  64. God Bless Bob. I hope you travel to 6 all the places you want to go see and I pray that Nancy could get to go with you

  65. Bob is a cool dude one in a million hope u make it back to the place u love,your family are are great ppl standing by your side that is so good. Take care hart family and hang in there.

  66. Bob…you are very inspiring!!! I see in your eyes, heart, soul and spirit the purity that GOD instilled in us from birth. It is so refreshing to see a soul so bright and strong with conviction and truth. You are truly GOD send for all of us who sometimes forget how beautiful and true simplicity for love of what GOD gave and provided us. Thank you. Donna

  67. Bob it was always great to watch the show. I thought oh if only I could be there, think that I would have loved it.I always liked outdoors and still do.Hope God is always with you and you get better. I’m only 74 years old and a female, but outdoors was always my thing. Loved camping, fishing, hunting all of it that went with the outdoors. Would still like to do if I had a partner. No fun being alone. Please take care and get well so you can go back. Maybe you will invite me alone for company. Would really enjoy it. Take care and get well.

  68. We all wish the best for Bob and his family. No matter what his ultimate decision may be, he’s left his mark on us all, and he live the life he chose. I’m envious of that but few men could embrace that lifestyle as long as he has. God’s Peace, Bob. Take care.

  69. Despite my many attempts to discover Bob’s cancer history and the date on which he died, I have hit a stop. Would you kindly respond and let me know this information. I have never enjoyed a series more than I do The Last Alaskan and Bob will always be my favorite character on the program. There was a gentleness by which he lived and I miss seeing him. I have saved all the later programs to my DVD. Are there tapes of his life which I could purchase? Thank you for your response. I do hope to hear from you soon. Thank You for having such a wonderful program on the air!!

  70. Loving the show, The Last Alaskans, especially the wonderfully gentle, and soft spoken Bob. It has been an honour to follow his adventures and listen to his words of wisdom. He can reduce me to tears when he reflects on his early life with his family, his love for Talicia, Nancy, his faithful dog, and the Refuge. Although living in the wilds of Alaska, he is one of natures’ true gentlemen; humble, sincere and devoid of any aggression. What a beautiful man! Thank-you Bob, and to all involved in making this wonderful series. Thanks also to Edna and Heimo. Have also enjoyed their input.
    Edna is another lovely, soft-spoken and gentle character!

    Rena / in Scotland

  71. I was very sorry to hear Bob left the show; he was a true outdoors man. I hope Nancy and Talicia will continue to be their for him, which I’m sure they will. I share many similarities with you, Bob, and respect your decision. God speed and be well.

  72. My hubby and I wish you the best Bob. You were definitely a wonderful asset to the show. We hope you can get well and be happy. God bless you!

  73. Just watched the show where Bob decides to pack up and get out of the wilderness due to a bad hunting season and his failing health. Ive been looking and dont actually see his obituary anywhere. So many questions, Im weird like that so just appease me. Since there were only 7 or so that had permits to live there, why didnt they keep in touch with one another? Since his daughter Telicia was unable to come live by herself I understand that his cabin will not be available to anyone else but what about his boat, snow mobile, plane etc. Wouldnt it stand to reason that he would pass those things on to the other inhabitants? I was hoping that his family would bring his body back like he wanted. I wonder how long after he left did he pass. Alaska was his life. Thank you Telicia and Nancy for sharing him as well as his spirit with world!

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