Good Witch, Hallmark Channel. Photo: Catherine Bell, James Denton Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Brooke Palmer

Tonight Is ‘Good Witch’ Cassie Looking Forward to Something New with Sam or Rekindling Memories with John? Video Peek!

The “Good Witch” season continues rolling on, and Cassie (Catherine Bell) is finding a lot of male attention coming her way tonight. In fact, something inside that she may have thought was gone forever may be rekindled tonight on Hallmark Channel. But, with who? James Denton also stars as “Sam,” and Dan Payne as “John.”

Tonight, according to Hallmark Channel, on all-new episode “Surprise Me”:

Cassie’s adventurous spirit is unexpectedly rekindled as both Sam and John take her on surprising dates that keep her guessing about her heart’s desire. Meanwhile, a new Grey House guest, Alexis (Meghan Heffern), checks in and quickly exhausts George (Peter MacNeill) and Cassie with her high-maintenance demands. While the good witch predicts there is more to the story behind Alexis’s spoiled façade, Grace (Bailee Madison) excitedly begins her medical internship at Sam’s office. An enthusiastic learner, Grace takes on her new job responsibilities with ease, quickly making receptionist Eve (Kate Corbett) feel intimidated. At the same time, Sam asks Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond) to find a new extracurricular activity at school but when Nick finally picks something he’s passionate about, it isn’t quite what Sam had in mind.

Meanwhile, at the bistro, Stephanie (Kylee Evans) is still reeling from her breakup with Ben (Jefferson Brown), who seems to be moving on. As she’s left wondering where things stand, a knowing Cassie introduces her to a handsome attorney who seems almost too perfect–proving Cassie isn’t done conjuring her magical plan. And, when Brandon (Dan Jeannotte) pleads for a trick that will calm wife Tara’s (Rebecca Dalton) growing baby fever, Cassie knows just what to do.

Finally, after Cassie joins John to relive a part of their adrenaline-filled past, Sam plans an unpredictable yet perfect first date, ultimately leaving Middleton’s bewitching beauty surprised by her own increasingly complicated feelings.

“Good Witch” also stars: Catherine Disher (“Martha”), Sarah Power (“Abigail”), Paul Miller (“Tom Tinsdale”), Edward Ruttle (“Michael”), Nicole Stamp (“Julie”), Chad James Connell (“Greg”) and Steve Belford (“Andrew”).

“Good Witch,” is a Whizbang Films Production. Orly Adelson, Jonathan Eskenas, Frank Siracusa, Craig Pryce and Sue Tenney are the executive producers. Catherine Bell is coexecutive producer. Andrea Raffaghello is producer. ITV Studios America controls distribution rights in the world for “Good Witch” outside of North America.

“Good Witch” airs on Hallmark Channel on Sunday nights at 9/8c.

Image:  Courtesy of Hallmark Channel, Used with Permission. Good Witch, Hallmark Channel. Photo: Catherine Bell, James Denton. Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Brooke Palmer.

Video:  YouTube

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