Kendra Wilkinson, star of "Kendra On Top"

‘Kendra On Top’ Season Finale: Get a Look at Kendra’s Music Video Nightmare (VIDEO)

“Kendra On Top” wraps up its season tonight on WE tv and it’s a combo-plate for fans. There is fun and then there is the usual family drama in the form of Kendra’s brother Colin avoiding contact with their dad Eric.

Yes, Eric’s still around as is new wife Amy, but that’s not the biggest deal for our Kendra. In “Lust in Space” she is on a tear about being in a music video and forced to wear something unglamorous. She was thinking more along the lines of a Beyonce-like outfit.

Listen to her try to explain to Hank, Eric and Amy how awful her day was shooting her first-ever music video.

Did you ever think Kendra would get a music video? This season of “Kendra On Top” has been odd in many ways. Some good and some not so good. The marriage drama is over, replaced by career stress and family members still at war with each other. Here’s a look at Kendra’s horrible outfit that she was whining about.

After the episode with the costume choice horror, stay tuned for the second of the back-to-back shows to wrap up the season. In “Home Runs”,¬†Kendra and Hank host a softball game that includes a visit from her brother, Colin. Of course nothing is ever easy, so of course Eric and Amy show up unexpectedly.

Will Colin think Kendra did this on purpose? Whether or not that is true, Colin has to make a choice. Can he run forever from a daddy reunion or is this the moment? Bridget Marquardt makes another appearance on the show bearing gifts that are a reminder of the past life at the Playboy mansion. It never gets easier for Kendra Wilkinson.

TLC airs the season finale of “Kendra On Top”, Friday night May 20 at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission

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