Ben and Vicki on Season 2 of "Arranged"

‘Arranged’ Season 2: Facebook Photos a Problem for Ben and Vicki

While it’s only season two of FYI Network’s “Arranged”,  we have already seen how even small things get magnified for arranged couples who haven’t spent a lot of time together. Last night, Ben and Vicki began a philosophical argument about phone use and social media posts.

Ben became a combination of a disapproving parent and someone who schools his bride-to-be about how to change her life to be more in tune with the Orthodox Jewish way of life.

They are both young, very young, and as a 21 year-old, it isn’t shocking that Vicki’s phone is always near her. Ben’s complaint is that she uses it a lot, even when manners seem to dictate she shouldn’t. That moment came in the latest episode, “Cold Feet, Hot Tempers”, when Ben embarrassed Vicki during a double date.

It had been building and Ben just ignored the fact that they were fixing up one of his friends with one of hers; it was a first date for them. A war broke out when Ben refused to stop berating Vicki for being rude, even after she gave him what he wanted, which was to hold her phone during the social occasion.

It humiliated her and the next time they spoke about it happened to be during her wedding shower. It was an event tossed by the Jewish community in Far Rockaway. Many of the guests were being introduced to Vicki for the first time and she truly missed her mom and family, who are back in Seattle. To help them feel included many photos were taken and posted to social media during the event.

It set up another discussion between the engaged couple, this time about Ben’s discomfort with a display of what he thought was vanity on Vicki’s part. Modesty and privacy are valued, which in this age of photo documentation of one’s meals, is a big change for Vicki. She’s new to the lifestyle and is struggling to adapt. Who is right about all this?

FYI Network airs new episodes of “Arranged”, Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: FYI Network, used with permission

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4 thoughts on “‘Arranged’ Season 2: Facebook Photos a Problem for Ben and Vicki

  1. I feel so very sorry for Vicki. She is making the biggest mistake of her life, and this marriage will never last. Ben is totally immature and seems to think he knows it all when in reality he is clueless,rude and overbearing. If he speaks to her like he did in the last episode in public and has no clue what an ass he looks like then it will only be downhill. I realize that they are already married by now, but i wish she could just get it anulled. She is an amazing spirited lady and he is just wearing her down and that is so sad.

  2. Ben is upset because Vicki is “documenting” her shower on FB. He says this as he’s being filmed for a reality TV show. Um….

  3. Ben and Vickie are a mess. Their orthodox lifestyle is really screwing up her head….his head was already screwed up. But the biggest mess of them all is Taylor. Talk about emotional abuse. She is unbelievable.

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