‘Outdaughtered’ Season One Finale: Will Busbys Relocate To Get Help They Need? (VIDEO)

UPDATED: New episodes begin July 11. PREVIEW Adam’s depression, quints potty training. 

“Outdaughtered” ended its run on TLC with the episode, “Should We Stay or Should We Go?” and the answer to that question is, “maybe”. Adam and Danielle returned to their home town in Louisiana for a dedication ceremony at their local church, which officially welcomed the quints into the spiritual family of that congregation. Check out the video clip posted below.

After months of getting inconsistent help with the kids, other than from Adam, being with family in Lake Charles made Danielle realize how much easier life would be if they relocated. Add that to both families asking why they didn’t just come back from Houston, and you’ve got a dilemma.

Adam had just dealt with the pressure of taking on a new and larger mortgage for a much bigger home. It was time they had bedrooms for the kids instead of the quints taking up residence in the living room.

Adam gulped hard as he was shown homes that were double and triple the size of their current place with price points hovering near $500,000. He’d have to work extremely hard to make enough money to cover it all, but he bit the bullet once he realized it wasn’t just about the bedrooms.

They needed a kitchen that could seat eight people for each meal, with counter space to cook a party-size dinner each night, and a yard to give them all space to play. Danielle began asking about the possibility of returning to Louisiana on the ride there and Adam expressed concern about making the same kind of income he earned in Texas.

He had a heart-to-heart with his dad who understood his son’s concern, but when Danielle shed real tears at the dedication ceremony, overwhelmed with the love and support, Adam knew they had to give a move some serious consideration.

“Outdaughtered” was a good look at what happens when a family goes from three people to eight, all at once. The Busbys handled things better than you might have expected, with grace and patience. Here’s hoping they get it all figured out.

TLC aired “Outdaughtered” Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT    Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission.

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  1. all week I would wait for Tuesdays 10pm show to start. I was very disappointed last night. I hope you return to National TV. I love your show so much

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