‘House of Lies’ Season 5 Finale: A Drunken ‘I Do’ For Marty and Jeannie? (VIDEO)

“House of Lies” has reached the end of the line and wraps up the series with “No Es Facil”, which apparently means that like everything else for Marty Kaan and his team, nothing is easy. In the finale, the team has landed in Cuba ready to do battle with both the government of Cuba and Monica. UPDATE/RECAP posted below.

Whoever gets the best deal for the money men backing Skip Galweather is set to ride off into the sunset with f-you money. The Kohl brothers don’t care who the check goes to, unlike what Galweather told Marty. They’re in it for the same reason as Kaan; it’s about the money and what it brings.

In the previous episode, Jeannie and Marty had a bit of a philosophical disagreement about the quest for the ultimate payday. Was it the best thing for them as people who find it impossible to shut off, even for a day?

While Jeannie had dreams and some unspecific plans for European travel with Phoebe, Marty bristled at the topic. Don’t confuse him with the future when he’s focused on the present, filled with testosterone maneuvering and revenge. He’ll deal with what comes next when it occurs, at least that’s what he says.

Since it has been five seasons of Marty flipping the on and off switches when it comes to Jeannie, it would be perfect if in another night of drunken debauchery they ended up hitched. Haven’t you always wondered if Marty and Jeannie would settle in with each other if the decision were made for them, rather than by them?

In the video clip posted below, listen to their Cuban contact say, “It’s this place; it redirects you. In Cuba, nothing will go the way you think.” Word to the wise: believe this man.


Are you feeling like emoticon smiley faces, or “Come on now, really?” If you’ve rooted from Jeannie and Marty for five seasons, was it too sudden and unrealistic that the air, ambience and the whole feel of the Cuban experience made Marty Kaan into a believer in happy endings?

The K&A team realized the Cuban deals would never happen and the best that could be done was to feed Monica false info that she promptly regurgitated to her Cuban hosts, in a meeting that went off the rails.

Once that became obvious, the childish Kohl brothers returned to their sibling rivalry foolishness, and of course Monica was her usual high-handed self, talking over the translator and getting increasingly frustrated and angry.

It sent Skip Galweather back to Marty as a supplicant, begging him to stand in for Monica to make them all rich. He got the proverbial, as well as literal middle finger thrown up at him as the gang pulled away in a re-habbed beauty of a classic convertible.

Funniest bit of the night was Ambien-dazed Doug making out with a senior citizen on the plane to Havana after he moved seats to avoid Clyde’s irritating behavior. Second best bit was Monica trying to seduce her ex-husband with her expensive lingerie. He got to the brink before refusing to engage in the act, which Monica called a tactic.

What we learned was that it was Marty finally surrendering to the truth of it all. Reacquainting himself with Monica’s body wouldn’t be a release or even a pleasure without consequences he was not prepared to experience.

While the episode was a visual ode to Cuba’s old-world charms, the sights, sounds, colors and pace of life, the show romanticized it for effect. Love was everywhere in the food, the families, and of course the wedding in an open square that Marty and Jeannie came upon. After she refused to engage in business talk any longer Jeannie insisted that he dance with her, and let it all go.

Marty had already gotten squirrelly about her inability to keep to the program, but at some point he just gave in. He too got seduced by the feeling of family and love, the simplicity of the life and the lack of interest in what he and Monica were offering to the country of Cuba.

The regime wasn’t interested in them being the conduit for the modernization of the country and replication of the retail consumer economy that can be found in any city of decent size in the United States. Perhaps they wanted a better deal than Galweather and the Kohl brothers were offering. We won’t know, but it will be fascinating to watch the country of Cuba go through its revitalization process having watched the fictional account of one big attempt to do so.

Unlike what the sneak peeks hinted at, Jeannie and Marty weren’t married by accident and there were no regrets the morning after. There they were, lying next to each other in a beautifully shot scene as dawn broke over a beach, next to another restored beauty of an auto in striking aqua, a color synonymous with the mid-twentieth century.

They recalled they got hitched and we got to see the sweet scene of the previous night as Jeannie and Marty were cheered on by the guests at the real wedding that they essential crashed. The producers decided to give us something without irony and Marty’s patented look at the camera as a sense of dread washes over him at having done something he regrets.

In contrast to the season four finale when he did just that despite being at Jeannie’s side as Phoebe was born, the couple spoke openly about what they did and what it meant going forward. K&A would continue, their couple status would fit into a mixed-family and business environment and both could finally let go.

Was it good for you?

Showtime airs the series finale of “House of Lies” Sunday night June 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. ¬† Image/video credit: Showtime, used with permission¬†

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