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‘Street Outlaws’: Tonight the Crow-Mod Begins its Rise in the 405!

Big Chief’s disastrous wreck recently on Discovery Channel’s Motor Monday mega-hit “Street Outlaws” was without a doubt the worst featured on the show. Watching Chief flip end to end to end, the question of whether or not he would even survive was no doubt in the forefront of many viewers’ minds. But, not only did Chief survive, he has lived to rise again, and tonight fans should be getting a good introduction to his new ride, the Crow-Mod.

Fans know that The Crow was not just a car to Big Chief; it was the car he had worked on and raced with since his teenage years, and it had become an iconic image on the 405 racing scene. So, it should be no surprise that the spirit of The Crow is being brought to the forefront with the Crow-Mod. But, can it live up to the legendary status of its predecessor?

Tonight, according to Discovery Channel, there is a lot of action going on in the 405. On all-new episode “The Crow Also Rises”:

Chief unveils his new ride, The Crow-mod. Shawn challenges Doc, while Reaper races Monza. Farmtruck and AZN race the Dung Beetle against a car called “Bug killer.”  Fights break out between Dave’s team and Reaper on race night.

With the introduction of the Shark Pool, there has been a lot of shake-up on the 405 List. Last week, Doc finally made it to the top, but a new shark also began rising.

At the end of the racing last week, The List looked like this:

  1. Doc
  2. Murder Nova
  3. Monza
  4. The Reaper
  5. Dominator
  6. Daddy Dave
  7. Shane
  8. Jeremy
  9. Jackie Knox
  10. Derek

It’s a new Motor Monday–and there is blood in the 405 water; stay tuned.

“Street Outlaws” airs on Discovery Channel Motor Mondays at 9/8c.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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