Ben and Vicki, Season 2 of "Arranged"

‘Arranged’ Season 2: Ben Asks Vicki To Cut Back On Lattes and Makeup, Really (VIDEO PREVIEW)

On the next episode of “Arranged” season 2, there are plenty of adjustments and misunderstandings between the new couples. Living together and forging ahead as a unit, rather than two individuals is difficult at best, but when two people don’t know each other for very long, it can get ugly at times. (Note: Last week’s episode did not air, and will be shown along with the newest episode, back-to-back on FYI).

Speaking of that, Ben pokes a sleeping bear in the figure of his wife Vicki on the subject of cutting down on expenses. In the video preview clip below, Vicki walks in on him drilling down on numbers after a talk with his dad. He’s bound and determined to find things that aren’t necessary or can be purchased fewer times a month. His first area of attack is Vicki’s makeup, then her two-a-day latte habit.

While Ben might be the least experienced of the men on this season of “Arranged”, is it possible that he doesn’t know that asking his wife to go without her makeup, using the excuse that she’s covering up her “natural beauty”, is a reason to start a fight? Vicki’s already given up being able to fuss with her hair for public consumption.

Speaking of fighting words, good old trailer-bound David and Taylor get into it AGAIN, but this time, the dreaded words, “I didn’t sign up for this” are used by David. He’s the guy who told Taylor he regretted marrying her while they were in the midst of fighting about his mother.

Check out the video preview below to see what caused the fuss. Taylor isn’t getting a paying job in the weeks prior to her leaving for her flight attendant orientation. David is tired of her doing nothing all day while he works to support them. These two need space and they’re about to get it when Taylor leaves for Arizona.

FYI network airs the new episode of “Arranged” season 2, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT, immediately following the short form series “Arranged Life” featuring couples from season 1. ¬†Image/video credit: FYI/used with permission¬†

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