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‘Street Outlaws’ 2-Hour Season Finale Tonight! Will the Crow-Mod Begin Its Rise?

Fans of “Street Outlaws” had to know from the very beginning: You cannot keep a good street racer down. So, it was no surprise when Big Chief unveiled the Crow-Mod. However, after such a horrific crash, there may be repercussions to deal with under the surface in tonight’s 2-hour Season Finale on Discovery Channel. (Sneak Peek of new season!)

Watching Chief flip end over end over end from the comfort of one’s couch was horrifying; one can only imagine what it had to be like to actually be IN the Crow doing the flipping! Tonight, fans–along with, it seems, Chief himself–find out that there is more to recovery from such a crash than just buying a new car and starting again from the #10-spot. According to Discovery Channel, on the two-hour Season Finale, “Ready, Set, Crow”:

In the two-hour Season Finale, all bets are off for the final race. Chief faces post-crash PTSD as the Crow-Mod and Farmtruck go for #10. Rookie Jeremy challenges Dominator to get #6. Reaper and Shane compete for spot #5. Shawn takes another shot at #1.

As racing comes to a close for this season of “Street Outlaws,” Chief’s big success has definitely been the Shark Pool! The shake-ups have been well-deserved and much-needed. Jeremy has been a great addition to The List, and everyone knows that they cannot just sit back on their laurels and spot-block week after week. As the racing came to a close last Monday night, the list looked like this:

  1. Doc
  2. Monza
  3. Murder Nova
  4. Daddy Dave
  5. The Reaper
  6. Dominator
  7. Shane
  8. Jeremy
  9. Jackie Knox
  10. Derek

Hopefully, Chief will be able to overcome his fears tonight and get back on that List; what do you think? Leave your thoughts about what is likely to happen in tonight’s two-hour Season Finale of “Street Outlaws” in the comment section below.

Following a full day of encore “Street Outlaws” episodes, The “Street Outlaws” two-hour Season Finale airs on Discovery Channel tonight, Motor Monday, June 20 at 9/8c.

Image: Discovery Channel via Facebook

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4 thoughts on “‘Street Outlaws’ 2-Hour Season Finale Tonight! Will the Crow-Mod Begin Its Rise?

  1. Big Chief showed a very childish and ugly side last night. I was an avid watcher of this show from the beginning but will no longer watch unless they go back to the NOLA group. Chiefs behavior on the last episode was just disgusting for no reason. The way he treated Doc was like a scared little boy trying to show he was a man. Men don’t behave that way. He owes Doc a public apology, and he should do it before Karma returns the favor. You would think that with the near death accident he would be more mature.
    I would hope that Discovery would drop kick the make want to be bully to the curb.

  2. Rick,
    Big Chief was tired of all the list blocking. you can’t be #1 on the list and play the, “road isn’t good enough” on a STREET RACE. Doc was also playing buddy buddy with Reaper’s douchebag brother. I think he handled it the way he should. If you aren’t racing tonight then get out of the circle. Why even show up?

  3. I lost all respect for Big Chief, the way he handled Doc, Doc made his way to the top fare and square and all he wanted was not to race first. Being at the top should give Doc some say of when you race. You can rest a sure Big Chief would be back in the hospital if he pushed me like that. Come to think of it a Pro Mod should not be allowed on the list it’s not a street car

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