‘Royal Pains’ Season 8: Boris and Jeremiah Clash, Eddie’s Gone Rogue Again In ‘Home Sick’

“Royal Pains” is nearing the series finale and we’ve yet to wrap up the “Where is Eddie R. Lawson?” story. That changes tonight when we get info on good old Eddie during episode six of season 8 titled “Home Sick”. We last left Dr. Hank Lawson with a broken down Saab in front of a charming Hamptons clapboard home with a For Sale sign outside.  Recap/Update posted below. 

Magic moments like these don’t come often for Hank, and he seizes the day, so to speak. All season he’s been edging towards rectifying his lack of commitment to real estate and romantic relationships, but when his pal Keller almost died, something fell into place.

As you may recall, Keller thanked Hank for saving his life and in the process made Hank realize he had no roots, despite living in the Hamptons for years now, alongside his brother, Divya and Jeremiah. Divya’s married and expecting another bundle of joy, Evan and Paige have been married a while and they’re deep into the IVF method to conceive a child. Even Jeremiah Sacani showed he’s ready to face the world, see patients and make a friend.

In tonight’s “Royal Pains” episode , Hank meets the woman selling the home and of course there’s a medical tie-in. Then Hank learns about Eddie making major medical decisions without him or Evan and it apparently sets off Evan in a big way. When did the roles of the brothers switch with Hank trying to bridge a gap between Evan and Eddie?

Finally, Dr. Sacani discovers that Boris, without Jeremiah’s knowledge or the chance for input, has taken his discovery to the clinical trial stage. In the USA Network description of the show, he’s said to be “furious”. Now that’s something I can’t wait to see.


Well, well, well, where should we start? Let’s begin with Eddie’s reappearance and Hank’s reaction vs. that of Evan. When Hank tracked him down in Passaic at the family’s old home, Eddie didn’t ask how he got there, how he found him, what possessed him to do it that day, or anything even close. After a secret heart procedure, the cause of him dumping his fiancee, according to him, the guy developed an infection that endangered him.

There he was on a chaise lounge moaning, with a dangerous burst bladder about to overtake him. He might have died had he not been found, and Eddie either didn’t have a cell phone on him or was too weak to dial 9-1-1. Ridiculous, right? Look, we understand that Hank’s made peace with his father after unraveling all his hate over the years, looking at him as the flawed human he is, but Evan’s not there yet or may never be.

Evan R. Lawson is in the space Hank used to occupy, refusing to accept Eddie’s umpteenth apology. We all know he fears loving someone who always disappoints him by disappearing and making it seem that he isn’t important enough to stick around.

Speaking of Evan, is he the most loving husband ever? Yes, he is, and that scene when he and Paige watched as the egg was fertilized was one of the most touching bits on “Royal Pains” in a very long time.

What about Hank and the woman who owns the home he loves? Wondering if she’s the new love interest, resulting in him moving in, or maybe Hank’s hope of home ownership takes the form of buying out his dad and having his childhood home in New Jersey in his name. Eddie won’t need it with the money he’ll have at his disposal when he finally gets married.

Good for Jeremiah Sacani when he wouldn’t let Boris leave the board meeting until he spoke up about the experiment taken to clinical trials without his knowledge and input. Why test it in Europe if you’re not avoiding U.S. government standards and protocols?

Because, as we all know, Boris lives on secrets and he’s selling his company. He needs a product to boost the price, and explained that U.S. standards are being used, just not with the government’s knowledge or help. Jeremiah’s going to be a wealthy man, and he announced his next move to the group. He’ll open his own lab, while maintaining patient contact at Hank Med.

Divya’s going to Baltimore even if she doesn’t get into Johns Hopkins right away since Raj got a job there. The gang all has secure plans for the future except Hank. Again we ask, is it too late to get Jill to agreed to something long distance?

What did you think of the episode and are you looking forward to the musical show next week?

USA airs new episodes of the final season of “Royal Pains” Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: NBCUniversal/USA Network, used with permission 

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