Taylor and David on "Arranged" Season 2

‘Arranged’ Season 2: Taylor And David Need An Intervention, Counseling Isn’t Enough (VIDEO)

Taylor and David finally see someone about their troubled marriage on tonight’s episode of “Arranged”, titled “Where’s the Love?” It’s not Melba and it’s not her mom. A neutral third-party gets the opportunity to listen to the two of them go through a litany of complaints. With the deadline fast approaching for Taylor to go to Arizona, tension permeates their marriage.

This couple has become a lightning rod for criticism on this season 2 of “Arranged”, with their arguments and how dirty they play. If you watch “Marriage Boot Camp” at all, you know that the counselors believe in arguments with boundaries. When it comes to fighting fair, Taylor is a non-believer, and once she gets going, it gives David permission to nasty in return.

In the video clip below, watch how the couple’s pastor has to call for a time out. He had begun to caution Taylor about having sprung the job decision on David, with some platitudes about communication in a marriage. Then the fun starts.

It appears that Taylor hasn’t apologized for her career choice and how it will affect where they live, David’s employment and what traveling as a flight attendant will do to their home life. Look, no one should have to give up a dream, but this dream doesn’t look like it fits with her dream to be married.

For that job offer to have arrived so quickly after they said “I do,” it had to be in the works for a long while. Taylor sat on the information in the run-up to the wedding, which has to make David feel deceived. He’s yet to accuse her of other types of deception, but if she spend six weeks in Arizona, you know that will come up. Who’s going to blink first in this marriage?

FYI airs new episodes of “Arranged” season 2 Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: FYI, used with permission 


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4 thoughts on “‘Arranged’ Season 2: Taylor And David Need An Intervention, Counseling Isn’t Enough (VIDEO)

  1. If David wants to move to the Northeast,well, then ,come on up ,David, and the women here will show you how a REAL woman treats her man,and it sure is not going to be a rug to get tramped upon. You are such a nice sweet, hardworking man and you deserve a lot better than this little piece of fluff and her attitude. Taylor, you need to be ashamed of yourself,and you are on the way out but do not realize it. This man HAS the right to attend the church of his choice and for you and your mother ,especially her, to make nasty comments about how often the Lutheran Church has Communion is just way out of line, and for you who consider yourselves “Good Baptists”,you had better step back and reconsider your comments as you are sure not a shining example of how Christians should act towards each other. I was appalled by that statement and the condescending attitude from both “ladies”. Anyone can see how the father is led around by his nose and if he also wants to move NE, then he is also welcome. Taylor, you had this new job in the works for a while and you did not tell David until the last minute. That is called ‘deception” and ALL religions, all branches of religions frown upon this. If you did it once then you will do it again, and again, and again,etc,and your mother is no better than you.She is another one who does not realize what a gem she has for a husband and she treats him really bad. Nice mother and daughter.
    David,Honey, you need to LEAVE,file for divorce, get rid of this wench and never look back.
    Come on up to New England! And, bring your father in law too!

  2. I became a fan of Arranged after the first season , and excited to watch the 2nd season.. but this one I find I fast forward each time it came to Taylor and David.. main reason TAYLOR.. sad part all she did was prove her mother in law right!! marriage is suppose to be 50/50 .. she is defiantly so materialistic all about her!! no respect for her husband at all, what a nag this show isn’t even worth recording anymore and Taylor grow the eff up I would be embarrass if I was your parents watching your behavior WOW!! 🙁

  3. Dave dump. The bitch thank god you didn’t knock her up yet anybody who would go out with her is just to lazy to masturbate and don’t get me started about her mother

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