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‘Million Dollar Listing New York’: Luis’ Anxiety, Sadness Kill His Partnership, Counseling Next?

‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ presented its penultimate episode of the season last night on Bravo TV, “Real Men Wear Pink…Tutus” and yes, we got to see Ryan Serhant in that ballerina staple. Serhant and Fredrik Eklund are the masters of staging open houses, including costumes, and makeup.

Earlier this season we saw Fredrik transformed into a version of Andy Warhol, but he was outdone by Serhant last night, who had multiple costumes to match the uniquely staged apartments in the heart of Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen . There was the tutu, the chef’s apron, worn over a bare chest and more. He got seven offers after that stunt, only four of which pleased the seller.  RECAP of season finale: Shocker about Luis!

Fredrik went to London to seek “whales” for his unique and expensive seaport building under construction in Manhattan, working with a large real estate firm that has ties to his employer. With him was Derek, and in London he met up with his son, a seven-year old who doesn’t get to see daddy very often.

Derek was a sperm donor for a couple and to Fredrik’s chagrin, on the first try a son was conceived. Eklund’s in a funk after the second failed attempt at having his own child with Derek, and was alternately rude, selfish and outright hostile to the little boy, blaming his busy work schedule for his lack of interest. When he just plain refused to play with him, Derek called him out. It’s the less than pretty side of Fredrik’s personality.

But, the broker who cried actual tears, again, and had to hold on for dear life as he went on an emotional roller coaster, again, was Luis Ortiz. Do you recall last season when this all began? He went to a trainer, got a life coach and said at the beginning of this season that he was looking for love. Luis had realized he needed a partner to move his business forward and help keep him from feeling overwhelmed. He found a top broker and they agreed to audition a business arrangement by co-listing one unit. It was at the brokers’ open for that apartment that Luis got anxiety, going outside to get some air and think about what just happened.

After speaking to an experienced broker of 25 years, and having been challenged a bit by a couple of brokers who questioned his knowledge of the market because, well he looks so young, Luis froze. Oh, he put those brokers in their place, and demonstrated he knew his stuff, but in the midst of speaking to the woman who has been around N.Y. real estate for a quarter century he panicked.

Could this be his fate, working at the same thing, shmoozing the same brokers, telling the same over-the-top stories about units that are less than ideal, until he’s 50? First he had to catch his breath, then stop feeling like he was trapped in a hole that he couldn’t exit when he wanted. Then, he cried, again.

He realized he couldn’t go through with the partnership, because he would lose his freedom to get out of the business whenever he pleased. He told his assistant that he realized he went into the partnership quickly to put a band-aid on something much more serious. He likened the feeling at the open house to when his parents insist that he get married and have children. Of course, he’d have to have a girlfriend to get that going and Luis hasn’t been able to do that, even with Tinder!

This can only go one of two ways. 1) he does nothing about it and continues as he is until the next panic attack; or 2) he gets help from a shrink, a spiritual adviser or both, and lives an authentic life without sadness, regret and anxiety. With the season finale around the corner, will we find out that Luis Ortiz is leaving the show? That would be a big mistake, because the passion and fun he brings to “Million Dollar Listing New York” is something that neither of the others are capable of.

How do you think Luis will solve his dilemma?

Bravo TV airs “Million Dollar Listing New York” Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: NBCUniversal/Bravo TV, used with permission 

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4 thoughts on “‘Million Dollar Listing New York’: Luis’ Anxiety, Sadness Kill His Partnership, Counseling Next?

  1. Luis is the spirit of the show! His energy and honesty are like none I’ve ever seen. He has the passion that we woman crave from a man… He’s such a beautiful person, inside and out!

  2. I am sad that he is leaving the show. But I truly know how it feels to seem trapped in a life style that is so overwhelming and it takes up all of your personal life that their is nothing else to do but business all of the time. Some times the best thing to do is to take a step back and take a deep long breath and analyze things in your life. Good luck Luis with your sexy self and get Luis back where he needs and so desire to be…..I am rooting for you……your spirit is so uplifting and as long as you have that smile and personality and those big beautiful eyes you are good!

  3. Luis needed to go, so does Fredrik. Their constant crying is too much. The little guy trying to physically fight others and Fredrik s leg kicks are done.

    I hope they kero Ryan, bring in a solid single male, who likes girls and gets the show on a better path. Great show though!

  4. Love Luis! I am hoping that BRAVO will give him his own show and follow his journey and new dream! How exciting that would be! Better than any HOUSEWIFE show for sure!!!!! Pleasssssse BRAVO!!!????

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