Taylor and David, on season 2 of "Arranged"

‘Arranged’ Season 2: Taylor Assigned to East Coast, Will David’s Head Explode?

“Arranged” is nearing the end of season 2 and the three couples each faced a crisis during the episode “Something Has to Give”. Two husbands came off as needy and haughty, while one is so emotionally blocked, he was unable to take the edge off the tension in his marriage.

One wife is careening towards making a career choice that could make her marriage crumble, while the other two women are struggling with feeling put upon and unappreciated, yet choosing different approaches to fixing it. Then there was the season finale. More troubles for all until abrupt happy endings. Satisfying? 

Ben and Vicki

Ben’s been hard on Vicki, looking at her financial choices as problems, while not giving as much scrutiny to his own. He also has been less than complimentary about how well she’s adapted to her new Orthodox lifestyle. The latest blowup, after Vicki threw a holiday party she knew Ben would love, led to his demand that she get a part-time job. She attends school two fewer days a week than he does, but does everything to keep a kosher home and observe the Sabbath.

It’s a classic argument between spouses, when homemaking is devalued. It’s made worse because Vicki’s never had to bend to someone’s will like this. When she decided to investigate a job opportunity, you could see she was ready to compromise. Ben had to hear it from his father, before he realized he had been more critical and bull-headed than he needed to be. Give the girl a compliment, will you?

Maneka and Mayur

After last week’s, “Change your name and cook dinner” remark, you couldn’t have been blamed for wanting to deprive Mayur of his hair gel. Maneka is under pressure to be a sensational real estate powerhouse, yet cook three meals a day, according to her husband, and check off the list of valet services he needs. Oh yes, and she can’t work out at the gym because men might come on to her.

Add that to her running her family’s retail business and you have a woman who isn’t doing a good job anywhere. Her fashion show was poorly attended because she was late sending out invitations. A dinner she cooked for Mayur wasn’t well received because she didn’t follow the recipe in a precise manner. It has resulted in her floating the idea that she quit the real estate job. How’s that going to fly with the controlling and ambitious Mayur?

David and Taylor

Taylor didn’t get great grades in her flight attendant training classes and as a result, she beleved she would not be based anywhere near Dallas/Fort Worth or even the state of Texas.  She was asked to relocate to the east coast and fears telling David. Meanwhile, he still can’t find a way to tell her about his emotional issues, and by putting it off he has convinced Taylor he wants a divorce.

All that changed in the season finale. Who saw this coming? 

When they video chatted throughout her six weeks in Arizona they didn’t speak of anything that could heal the breach, but one thing’s for certain, Taylor missed her husband. David felt the same way and the two actually embraced and kissed when she set foot back in the trailer she was thrilled to see again.

Did anyone think she’d finally realize that insisting on staying on this career path was certain to blow up her marriage? This could go right down to the wire and the season finale.

FYI airs new episodes of “Arranged” Season 2, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: FYI, used with permission 

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2 thoughts on “‘Arranged’ Season 2: Taylor Assigned to East Coast, Will David’s Head Explode?

  1. David, get rid of Taylor. Make sure you give her mom a good piece of your mind too. Taylor is just not a nice person and will never change permanently. Take care of yourself and your family. Your still young. Being a good Christian man you know what being a good person is. People don’t change. Remember that and be happy. Don’t get into any relationships. My first wife was similar to Taylor and I was never happier when I got out. I have been married 20 years to my second wife without issue. She’s strong and a good person that works with me. It’s 50 – 50 and it has to be that way. Don’t walk out…………run. I don’t mean to be mean but take care of yourself.

  2. Anthony, I agree!
    David, Honey, get rid of that obnoxious self centered demanding little nagging shrew and her mother can go too. Now I understand why murders are committed. I am a woman and the 2 women embarrass me to no end as all men will think that all women are like them. We are not. That mother needs to be out there yoked up to a plow and in the fields and maybe she can do something worthwhile in life. David needs to get rid of that nasty little girl,move on with his life,and she needs to understand that although divorce is not necessarily a good thing, that sometimes it is the best for everyone. I would tell David to move on to the NE as we up here kbnow how to treat our men,and, bring your [poor suffering father in law with you. RUN David, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not being mean as forewarned is forearmed. It is NOT going to get better.
    Vicki, your boy Ben needs to be slapped up alongside his head. He is nothing but an immature,self centered whiny little boy who is lazy and thinks he is “all that and more”. He should never have gotten married but should have stayed with Mom who did everything for him.. Sex,sex, sex……… I swear that was the MAIN reason Ben wanted to get married. Ben, sex has been around since the beginning of time and you have not discovered anything new YOU need to find a job and work and make some money.Don’t be such a grubbing lazy slug-help your wife. I would also tell,Vicki to run!

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