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‘Million Dollar Listing New York’: Luis D. Ortiz Walks Away, But Does Right By Ronita

Update: season six debuts without Luis, sample it!

“Million Dollar Listing New York” pulled a shocker in its season finale. The depressed and anxious Luis Ortiz realized what had been eating at him. As we learned, real estate was his third career, after skate boarding and films. He was ready for a change and that time at the open house when he contemplated being a realtor until he was 50 years old was his moment of clarity.

He broke the news to Ronita and she tried her best to get him to slow down and think it through. She thought it was his depression talking and that he’d regret it. She might have been concerned about losing her job after years by his side, building the business to this point. He assured his faithful employee that he was comfortable with his choice and told her not to fret. RECAP of “Ryan’s Wedding” part one, includes a happy Luis, but the “happy” couple is far from that. 

Sure enough, when it came time for him to turn down a dream offer from a developer he spent years chasing, he suggested the businessman interview Ronita instead. Luis is setting her up for a big time career that he knows will work out. he called his mother and informed her that he was happy again, because he’s just a guy that needs to challenge himself before he gets too comfortable.

But, was he comfortable? He had no social life, no significant relationships outside his business and he’d been coming apart for the better part of a year. When he couldn’t work himself into a better frame of mind it was time to quit. That’s bad for us, because Luis is the soul of “Million Dollar Listing New York”. He’s the comic relief and passionate heart of the show. Fredrik’s got passion, but it’s about being #1. Ryan Serhant’s wired the same way, and while he’s got a sense of humor, it’s more deprecating humor, making the joke first so no one can hurt him by beating him to the punch. There may be a reprieve in store, and it might just be that Luis will exit the business but stay on the show, at least for a while. More on that below.

Fredrik finally got his head out of his rear end and Derek made him realize that while he mourned the lost pregnancies and desperately wanted a child, that Kai was as much his son as Derek’s. Eklund made the connection between what was in his heart and what was right in front of him. Being a parent is a state of mind and if he had a child, willing to be parented, why didn’t he take advantage of it? Oh yes, and he sold the number of units to the seaport location demanded by the developer, including the penthouse, after weeks of angst in London. To celebrate, he and Derek bought a mansion in Connecticut as a weekend and holiday getaway place.

Ryan went back to the developer who fired him and got a 30-day reprieve to sell out the building. He did so using one of his favorite techniques, combine units for a buye then talking the developer into a package deal. After he came face-to-face with Fredrik to hash out who was truly the more successful of the two, they found that after five years they had nothing left to fight about. Each made amends and Ryan felt better for it. The long-suffering Emilia, his fiancée has stuck around, waiting for the wedding in Greece. She’s his rock and so patient it’s unfathomable.

We got a preview of what is in store for this autumn, and it’s all about Ryan having to put up or shut up. He can no longer put off plans for the wedding and Emilia has no idea the pressure and stress she’s in for. When the two quarrel about him always being too busy for other things, it looks like the situation could take a turn for the worse. Luis was in the preview, talking to Ryan about a bachelor party. Could we be in for more Luis after all?

Stay tuned…

Bravo TV airs “Million Dollar Listing New York”, Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT  Image credit: NBCUniversal/Bravo TV, used with permission 

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13 thoughts on “‘Million Dollar Listing New York’: Luis D. Ortiz Walks Away, But Does Right By Ronita

  1. I am heartbroken. I love Ryan and Frederck but Luis is the reason I watched faithfully every Thursday. The show wont be the same without him. Come back Luis!!!

  2. Ryan and Emilia just got married yesterday, and a special on their wedding is airing this fall. So I guess Luis will be in that. You won’t know if he’s going to be in the show next summer until the promos start.

  3. we will miss you Luis hope you find happiness, I believed, you are in the closet, get out and be happy with what ever God has in store for you

  4. Will miss Luis. He had a kind heart and soul. His smile was infectious. Great guy. May all the best continue in his life.

  5. For an aspiration beyond real estate to break through the ground and be firmly planted as a new growth is incredibly inspiring considering how much wealth Luis has acquired thus far…Luis, we will miss you y QUE DIOS TE BENDIGA

  6. I love Luis. He looked like he was having a melt-down. New York will chew you up and spit you out. He seemed to be an emotional guy and still not over his first love. Maybe he was really missing her. Peace and happiness Luis, I will miss you!

  7. did he really make 88m in real estate in 7 years??? amazing. he seems gay to me. hope he is and hope he comes out and they do a show about that. he has real charisma. i loved it when he got so mad at m. groves trying to put him down for lacking drive. and l. says “i am WAY bigger than real estate.” ha. yup.

  8. I found Luiz annoying……..too much about his personal feelings and too little about the real estate
    market in New York. Does he ever close a deal? It did not appear so…… seemed like everything went South before he could close the deal. However, I
    wish him well and I really liked Ronita. By the way I
    think he is gay and that might have been his turmoil.
    There is nothing wrong with being gay, you are in
    great company there.

  9. so how come if fredrik “sold” the penthouse, there is an open house on it this weekend.
    um, because he didn’t sell the penthouse.

  10. I wish Luis would have stuck around longer. There is not enough Latinos on Tv that are good role models like him and Ronita. You guys will be missed.

  11. I hear through the grapevine that Luis is having a hard time with his sexuality, this is why he “ran away” from NY and keeps running.
    he claims he is writing a book and this is why he travels so much.
    He may be penning a book, but is he really that interesting?
    I mean, he never was in the league of big money sellers.
    Once he admits who he really is, he will stop pretending, stop running and perhaps, finally be a less obnoxious person.

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