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‘Arranged’ Season 2: More Trouble, Then Abrupt Happy Endings. Satisfying?

“Arranged” concluded season 2 with “In a Family Way” and while there is one episode left, it will be a compilation of scenes that were not included in the ten shows that concluded last night. Update: After watching “Re-Arranged”, don’t you feel manipulated by previous episodes?

The one-hour was edited in a way that didn’t indicate we would be leaving the couples we’d watch struggle, some more than others, to resolve deep divides between them. You had the feeling, until the final segment that there was much more to tell until each couple’s tale was wrapped up quickly in a big red bow.There were happy endings for all, but that doesn’t mean there will be clear sailing the rest of the way.

Taylor and David

Well, well, well, after the talk while at her job training, it turns out little Taylor got an assignment in Fort Worth and David heaved a huge sigh of relief. The two were happy to see each other and David admitted how much he missed his wife. The next big issue was Taylor asking about and trying to understand what was troubling David.

He opened up about his dad issues and with her career ready to take off, Taylor was supportive and understanding. She threw a party for his birthday and coupled it with an event to toast her new future. Things were so good that she got along with her mother-in-law. It was a freaking love fest.

What could possibly happen to spoil it now? Taylor had news about gynecological issues that required surgery a couple of years ago, and seem to have resurfaced; she feared her inability to conceive a child. She said nothing to her husband until he bared his soul about his emotional pain, and instead of helping her deal with it, even though it could be very serious, he took it as another lie in a series of them.

First it was the job, now her fears about her health. He stalked off and went into his “How can I trust her?” schtick. When they talked it out he was less angry and Taylor agreed to try and be more forthcoming. She’s lived in her own little world with her mom for so long, it looked like she didn’t realize David could be the emotional support she needed.

Maneka and Mayur

Maneka was getting turned down each time she tried to get Mayur to understand her time crunch and dilemma. When he refused to allow her to quit the real estate job, she was crushed. Add that to her feelings that he no longer enjoyed spending time with her and you’ve got a lady who feared another failed marriage.

She planned a surprise party for her hubby’s birthday, and then felt shunted aside during the affair. He spent virtually no time with her, and she began to nag him about cutting the cake. That might have been true at the party, but the next day he admitted that he realized he could appear to take Maneka for granted and that no one had ever done something so big and personal for him.

Sure enough he had been looking around for a home to buy her, and came to the conclusion that he needed to ease up a bit on work and start a family. Maneka was ecstatic and the turnaround, which we never saw coming, was a happy way to conclude their story, but we were truly blindsided by how it all went down.

Ben and Vicki

The worst of the surprise-happy endings came after we watched Vicki give in to Ben’s suggestion that she get a job. The next “suggestion” from her husband was for them to relocate to Seattle. It’s cheaper to live there and family connections would ease them into the job market. Vicki about swallowed her tongue.

When he raised the issue with his parents in a video chat, Vicki by his side, she felt surrounded. Mom asked if when classes ended they’d scoot on back to Seattle, adding that Ben’s never missed a summer back home. She also threw in the offer to babysit nonstop if and when they came back to raise their family.

Vicki didn’t let it dampen her spirit and she had a couple of friends over to taste test some of her planned Passover dishes, which made things worse. Ben became nostalgic for home at Passover and the couple argued when he pushed her to move. All of a sudden we saw them at a skating rink, being the young twenty-something newlyweds that they are, having fun and suddenly happy.

Ben declared that New York was where they fell in love and it would be where they would live as a couple who set their own path in life. As I said, an abrupt ending, but a happy one nonetheless.

FYI airs new episodes of “Arranged” season 2, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image credit: FYI, used with permission¬†

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