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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Post-Season Special: Will Matt Make an Appearance with the Brown Family Wolfpack Tonight?

Discovery Channel mega-hit series “Alaskan Bush People” ended on a shocking note last week, leaving Billy and Ami waiting expectantly on the beach while oldest Brown son, Matt, chose to stay in counselling and not return to the Brown family “wolfpack.” Tonight, in a special post-season episode, the Browns look back on the season, and relive their time in the Lower 48.

Fans appear to have been, overall, supportive of Matt, and have lauded his decision to step forward and admit his problem to his family and, in fact, the world. We still cannot help but wonder if leaving the so-called “wolfpack” would not be better for some of the “kids” overall, at least for awhile, so they can get lives of their own. But ultimately, of course, that is a decision they will each have to make for themselves.

Tonight on this special look back, according to Discovery Channel:

In this special episode, a deeper look into the Brown’s time spent down south. And in never before seen footage brothers Bear and Bam commemorate their time in the Lower 48 in an extreme way.

Will there be an update of Matt’s progress in counselling? We hope so, but, as we’ve learned along the way, anything can happen when it comes to the Browns. So, we will definitely be staying tuned for tonight’s “Alaskan Bush People.”

Following the Browns, fans should stick around and meet the Raneys, if they have not already! This new Discovery Channel reality program not only showcases the Raney family–expert homesteader Marty Raney, along with his daughter Misty Raney, a farmer, and son Matt Raney, a hunter and fisherman–giving it their all to help struggling homestead families, but also demonstrates how set in their ways families can be, even when those ways are failing to the point of no return. Tonight, on all-new episode, “Winter’s Fury,” the Raneys help the struggling Russell family in Pennsylvania; read more about the Raneys and tonight’s episode right here on TVRuckus.

Stay tuned!

“Alaskan Bush People” airs on Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 9/8c; “Homestead Rescue” follows at 10/9c.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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5 thoughts on “‘Alaskan Bush People’ Post-Season Special: Will Matt Make an Appearance with the Brown Family Wolfpack Tonight?

  1. I wish that you would please inform Bam that he is not Gods gift to women. He is so proud of himself that when he comes on and starts on himself I turn the channel to another station. Someone is handing him a line that is building him to things that is tearing up the show. Please have him be seen and not heard. That will make the show a lot better. I will be watching to see if you have taking my advice about. Bam.

  2. I can’t believe grown grey middle aged people running around howling like animals and acting like 10 year-olds and claiming not to know nothing about the world outside of the Bush! And what have they been doing for the past 30 odds years that they are just now building a house that is smaller than a starter home and not large enough for every one to sleep in? This man has not taken care of his family. Nor has he tried to educate them to be independent functioning adults. They all sound like they are retarded when they talk. They all look dirty and unkempt, one can’t help but think that they smell bad by the way they look, yet Miss whitch looking Ami had nerve to complain about smelling the pollution in the lower 48.while that ratty looking coat she wears needs seriously to be burned up. And who on earth lives wild in the Alaskan Bush for 35 years and don’t know how to protect themselves and their property from dangerous bears??? Give me a break!

  3. Extreme…pffffft….Bear needs to grow up and get a job. It appears the guy is capable of working but simply chooses to run around the woods acting like a retard and climbing trees. What kind of woman would actually settle down with a man like Bear? Ummmm…none….hello. The only thing extreme about the guy is his lack of education. If Bear was his own species he would clearly go extinct. He’s the kind of guy you’d really want to keep an eye on around his own sisters….scary… Other than that, I guess he’s not that bad.

  4. No one in the Brown family works or contributes to society, all they want to do is collect their dividends and freeload. Where I’m from they call those kind of people lazy losers.

  5. On Friday, the Discovery Channel pieced together silly scenes of this intellectually challenged family , calling the scenes ‘the lost scenes.’ Here is a clue to the fraudsters at Discovery – if the scenes were lost, you couldn’t show them.
    What were the scenes? In one Bear builds a fire of twigs and pine resin. What a genius! that has never been done!
    There was stupid howling from the wolfpack. Yet in season one, no one howled. No one.,
    Finally, the nonsense about Brown Luck was explored. It is not some form of bad luck in this family – it is incompetence.
    It is incompetence to tow your skiff on a long line so that the waves beat it up. It is incompetence to pretend to put on a metal roof while its raining. (the roof is put up early in the building process, to protect the work already done. The contractor who built the house must have been busy.)

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