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‘Braxton Family Values’: Gabe vs. Braxton Sisters, What’s His Game? (VIDEO)

“Braxton Family Values” is becoming the Trina and Gabe show, at least recently and that theme continues tonight. In the latest episode titled, “This Is Not About ReKindlerization…Or Is It?” Here’s hoping we learn what Trina’s end game looks like with her ex-husband, or “wasband” as she calls him. At least we will get to see how the sisters rip into Gabe at a lunch meeting.

In the preview video clip posted below, Trina shows her willingness to play along with some game Gabe has cooked up. As he drives them to a location he refuses to disclose, they banter about Bar Chix and Ms. Evelyn’s biscuits while he wears that grin on his face and Trina stews in the passenger seat.  RECAP posted below. 

The more interesting couple on the show is clearly the newly public one of Toni Braxton and Birdman. Gotta’ hand it to her that she was willing to drop the news, parade him in front of the family then quickly exit the scene. Tamar did her usual interrogation, but big sister Toni didn’t crack.

While it seems that Tamar wants to be assured her sister is safe with the man she calls a “rapper” and Toni bristles at the suggestion that he’s sketchy, it’s clear already that they are in a relationship which isn’t merely a platonic friendship. The big question is whether or not this is something serious. Here’s thinking it is since the Braxton sisters don’t introduce random men in their love lives in “Braxton Family Values”, except when the ladies interviewed candidates for dating Ms. Evelyn.

After criticism of Gabe in last week’s recap of the show, we received a comment that took the other side in the Gabe argument. A reader pointed out the part of him that accepted Trina’s children and helped raise them.

“I …respect that he was a father figure to Trina’s son when they were married. Trina acts like a shrew and wants everything her way. She shut the door on Gabe and the sons are grown.”

Another pointed out that Trina’s cheating is being swept under the rug to concentrate on Gabe’s bad behavior. Where do you come down on the question of Gabe vs. Trina?


Traci has gone in a new direction musically, at least for one tune on her second album. Last night we saw her take on her manager who was not a big fan of it, to say the least. Traci explained that it was a post-hysterectomy attitude switch and needed exposure.

As you might recall, Ms. Traci feared that removing her uterus and other reproductive organs would render her less than a woman. No one could convince her otherwise, but she realized afterwards that she was the same sexy Traci and needed to demonstrate what that means through the song “Body Shots”. With some tweaks to the production of the tune all were happy.

The Gabe vs. the sisters luncheon went about as you would expect. Gabe, once again with that grin plastered on his face each time he would stop speaking, took on all comers including Tamar. He took in their concerns, and admitted that he dropped the ball by dropping out of the lives of his step-children.

Trina got lectured by her mother who was able to speak the truth and have her daughter listen without being defensive. Evelyn has no agenda, at least in Trina’s opinion, like her sisters who are not in favor of Gabe’s return to her life or the family.

Evelyn put the hammer down by explaining that residual feelings for a spouse of many years is natural and so is the need to have answers to questions about how it all unraveled. But, those are quite different from contemplating a return to the relationship. Trina said she understood, but in the concluding scene of the episode, she was tested.

After the mysterious car ride in the video posted below, Trina found herself at the beach with a picnic basket and a blanket, complaining about the sand, bugs and birds flying above her head, oh yes, and that her “wasband” expected her “….to carry stuff”. Gabe said, “Remember the last time we were at the beach and I got down on one knee?”

Yeah, there was that to consider. Stay tuned…

WE tv airs new episodes of “Braxton Family Values” Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission 

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  1. There is no serious relationship between Birdman and Toni…lol you guys are joker’s.. anything for reality TV ijs

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