Eustace Conway and his dog, of HISTORY's Mountain Men Photo by Karolina Wojtasik/HISTORY Copyright 2016

‘Mountain Men’ Recap: Eustace Takes a Bloody Tumble from a Rickety Ladder; Is He Okay?

UPDATED: Was Eustace’s fall as bad as it looked? Read more here on TVRuckus!

Last night on “Mountain Men,” Eustace and Preston were working on yet another money-making project: a smokehouse to preserve the organic pork they plan to offer potential customers. But, as is usually the case, things did not go down a smooth path. In fact, this time, Eustace ended up face-down and bloody, with a worried Preston standing over him.

It was not the best of nights in North Carolina, to say the least.

Eustace is always coming up with some kind of money-making plan or another; some are better than others, but, in the end, it does seem like most of them work out to some extent. This “organic pork” plan is potentially probably one of his better ones. Additionally, it seems it would be one of the less-dangerous plans he has hatched. But, last night, when Eustace was laying on the ground, bleeding after a fall off the side of the smokehouse, it was not looking terribly safe.

There have been many times when we expected Eustace to end up hurting himself–or someone else–but last night certainly was not one of them. All the smokehouse needed was a test, which they were in the process of doing. Things were not going well–too much smoke was getting out–so Eustace and Preston were trying to fix some leaky spots. Standing on a rickety, apparently self-styled, ladder (is anything Eustace owns not self-styled and rickety?), he fell from about halfway up the side of the smokehouse, it appeared, onto some big rocks, flat on his face. Preston ran to help, but he made the right call:

“He’s really hurt,” he presumably said to one of the camera crew. “We need to get some help.”

It was absolutely nasty. And, wouldn’t you guess? That is where the episode ended.

Next week, there will be a few moments of truth. Tom will face the possibility that his trapping season may be a bust; Morgan is trying to facilitate a rescue mission of his traps; and Marty? Well, you know Marty, always working to get something working, this time still dealing with a broken snowmobile. And, hopefully, we’ll learn more about Eustace’s injuries. He was looking pretty bloody and broken when last night’s show ended; we certainly hope it looked worse than it actually was, and that he is okay.

Stay tuned.

“Mountain Men” airs on History Channel on Thursday nights at 9/8c.

Image:  Courtesy of History Channel, Used with Permission

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5 thoughts on “‘Mountain Men’ Recap: Eustace Takes a Bloody Tumble from a Rickety Ladder; Is He Okay?

  1. Hope you’re doing well Eustace, and hope you heal quick. The show left us hanging a little too much, it was too scary for us, cause it appeared you could really be seriously hurt. I’m sure many, as I, are praying for you. I am John from Oregon, and appreciate watching someone like you and Preston who are smart, sensible and self reliant.

  2. Eustace
    My heart goes out to you. I feel a love and kinship with you,
    i guess it because of the sincerity hardworking know how
    and love of nature that you show us all.

    get well soon

  3. Eustace my daughter Anissa wishes you well and enjoys your excitement on your projects. She often says we should live like Eustace !we are Chippewa First Nation and live in the city.

  4. 08-03-2017

    Para Eustace

    Deseo que se recupere pronto de sus heridas, por otra parte me alegra el alma ver personas como usted, autosuficiente con ese entusiasmo y capacidad de trabajo, en el que se nota su amor por la Tierra. Desde estas lineas quiero dejar constancia de mi admiracion por usted y sus compañeros.

    Saludos cordiales,
    Ambrosio Ramos.

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