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‘Misfit Garage’: Gloved-Wonder Thomas Not Biting on Danny Trejo’s Bonus ‘Machete’ Poster Offer

UPDATED 08-22-16: Preview the 2-hour Season Finale of “Misfit Garage”; we have a video sneak peek!

Last night on Discovery Channel mega-hit series “Misfit Garage,” Thomas did what he never thought would happen going into the build: He sold the Econoline for a profit. Not only did he sell it, he sold it to a Hollywood star, Danny Trejo, possibly bringing them some ongoing publicity down the line.

Win all the way around for Fired Up Garage.

For a movie star and taco magnate, Trejo certainly was not willing to just throw his money around at the drop of the hat. Trejo wanted the truck to make taco deliveries–or, at the very least, catch some potential customer eyes at his restaurant, Trejo’s Tacos. And, one might think he would just pay what Thomas asked, take his truck and head back to Cali. But, Trejo was definitely a haggler, and played Thomas’s game, hitting him with a low-ball counter to Thomas’s $35,000 starting price at only $15K.

Well, $15K definitely was not going to happen; Fired Up Garage needed $25K just to break even. Trejo offered $26K and a poster of him in Machete–yeah, um, no, was Thomas’s overall reaction to that one, seeming a bit put off by the poster-for-money idea. “Really. A poster? As grateful as that is, I can’t take that Machete poster down to the bank and deposit it, you know what I’m saying?” Finally, they came to an agreement: $27K, a lucky penny Trejo had found on the test drive and, yeah, that poster. Hmmmmm. Maybe Trejo will sign it, Thomas can sell it on Ebay, and make a deposit with it after all.

And, Tom, he got his game on with Blue Demon Jr., although it was so silly and staged–and, of course, it would be, after all–it is hardly worth mentioning. But, we have to admit: It was so goofy, it was funny, especially Tom acting as if it was hurting his hand when he tried to tap-out. Silly, but the kind of silliness fans have come to expect from “Misfit Garage”–and, apparently, appreciate on Motor Monday nights.

Oh, and, no, the mask Tom found was not Blue Demon Jr.’s. “Yes, a cheap copy,” he said of the mask Tom brought to him. So, no treasure for Tom.

The best of the night, however might have been finding out why Thomas has been wearing that glove around. In a camera cameo, he discussed it, and basically said a herniated disc in the back of his neck is on a nerve, maybe from too many car/motorcycle accidents over the years. It has his arm hurting and his hand feeling cold–not literally cold, apparently, just makes his brain think it is. But, the black glove (just a regular glove, apparently, not any kind of brace qualities to it, as we had thought there could have been) helps. “I know the guys make a lot of jokes, about me looking like Michael Jackson and whatnot,” Thomas said. “But hey, if it helps me function every day, that’s all that matters.”

Mystery solved.

“Misfit Garage” airs on Discovery Channel Motor Mondays at 9/8c.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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