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‘Mountain Men’: A Concussion Slows Down Eustace & a Broken Snowmachine Sends Marty Home

Last week on “Mountain Men,” Eustace Conway took quite a tumble off a creaky old ladder. It was bloody and nasty, and looked awful. Was it as bad as it looked?

Well, he broke his nose, blackened a couple of eyes and bruised himself up pretty bad. But, the worst part was an apparent concussion he suffered. He was, he said, feeling “fuzzy in the head.” Basically, he was down for the count and laid up in bed. He was hurting, and as anyone who watches the show knows, Eustace does not go down easily. So, yeah, it was probably as bad as it looked.

He and Preston were supposed to get started on their hog-smoking venture. But, as Preston said, working up a hog for the smokehouse is a two-man job. Will Eustace be back to get the job done? “Eustace being hurt, that’s bad, but it doesn’t stop everything,” Preston observed. “That’s gonna slow him down, but it isn’t gonna stop Mother Nature.”

Every day they do not kill their hog(s), money is going into them, food-wise. They need to get going on it, as not only is it costing them money, but spring is approaching. Killing the hog in warmer weather could result in rotting meat–not exactly the plan. And, no doubt, there is an optimal size for slaughtering a hog, as well; keeping them until the next winter just is not a plan.

Of course, you know Eustace; he just refuses to quit. He got out of bed and tried to help Preston forge a new “pig-sticker” for slaughtering the hogs. But, it was clear he was not up to the task as he wobbled around. And, ultimately, he messed up the knife Preston was trying to create; as Preston said, “He burned it slap up.”

“Cranking the forge physically, he could do it; mentally, he couldn’t stick with it,” Preston observed.

“I didn’t help a bit,” Eustace said. He was definitely down, but the best thing he could do was just rest and get better; this incident seemed to help him see that.

As always, Marty was in the middle of a crisis in Alaska, with a complete breakdown of his snowmachine. Fixing one thing or another is nothing new for Marty, but this one really had him down; there just was no fixing this snowmachine. Making the six-mile trek back to his cabin, he started making a plan. Ultimately, he decided to leave; will he return? And, if he does, will it be just too late for this season to be successful?

Tom and Jack continued to trap in Idaho, with only six weeks to go. It has been a lean season, to say the least, thus far. And, despite his best efforts, it looked like traps were going to continue to come up empty last night. But, finally, a trap came up with a large beaver. Then, a big mink. “We’re doin’ it, buddy,” Tom told his brother.

On the other hand, an early melt was causing problems for Morgan. Spring was on the way, and he was looking to retrieve his traps, so he did not lose them. Of course, as usual, dog Rufus was not cooperating. “Careful with that ice, Rufus,” was not having much impact! They both ended up getting wet, with ice bridges gone, and the traps were not necessarily where Morgan had left them–and empty when he did find them. “Feels like a big failed enterprise,” he said of his foray into trapping this season. But, with the help of Rufus, he found one final trap, this one not empty, but sporting a large beaver!

Perhaps not a total waste of time after all; just part of the learning curve?

Stay tuned.

“Mountain Men” airs on History Channel on Thursday nights at 9/8c.

Image:  Courtesy of History Channel, Used with Permission. Photo by Nels Israelson/HISTORY. Copyright 2016.

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