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‘Misfit Garage’: Tonight Take a Whirlwind Ride with NASCAR Hall of Fame Champion ‘Awesome Bill from Dawsonville’ Elliott! (Video Peek)

Tonight on Discovery Channel mega-hit series “Misfit Garage,” a huge guest for the show–and for NASCAR fans: legendary NASCAR champion, Bill Elliott.

“Awesome Bill from Dawsonville” may have had humble beginnings in the North Georgia Mountains, but today he is a name that no NASCAR fan does not immediately recognize as being one of the greats of the sport. In fact, according to NASCAR.com, his family in general has been important for racing. Bill’s father, George, ran a small building supply in Dawsonville, but as early as the 1960s, was involved with NASCAR, and helping to build the sport.

“Daddy carried cars to Daytona in the early ’60s, he would carry two cars down there and run a Sportsman or a Modified or some kind of race,” Elliott said on NASCAR.com. It wasn’t glamourous–more like the “Clampetts went to Daytona,” according to Bill. But, it was certainly effective.

Elliott’s first race in the big show, now NASCAR Sprint Cup, was in 1976. But, in 1982, after Harry Melling purchased the team, Elliott’s talents began to skyrocket and, by the time he ran his last official NASCAR race in 2012, Elliott had notched 44 wins, one championship and was voted “Most Popular Driver” 16 times. No surprise there; who does not love Bill Elliott?

And, his speed was legendary. In fact, in the days before restrictor plate racing, “Million Dollar Bill”–so called after earning the Winston $1,000,000 bonus at the Southern 500 in 1985–ran 212.809 mph in qualifying at Talladega, still the fastest qualifying lap ever for a NASCAR event.

Guys, that’s fast.

Today, Awesome Bill is a member of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and his son, Chase, is building his own career in NASCAR. And tonight, Awesome Bill will mark another life accomplishment off his Bucket List: making an appearance on “Misfit Garage.”

Okay, perhaps we’re being overly dramatic; appearing on “Misfit Garage” probably does not qualify as a “Bucket List” accomplishment for most people. But, Awesome Bill will be making an appearance on “Misfit Garage” tonight, nevertheless, and, while likely not life-changing for anyone, it should be fun; we’re looking forward to it, if you could not tell already! According to Discovery Channel, tonight on episode “The Original Rum Runner”:

Thom and Tom race out to Georgia to take a hot lap with Legendary NASCAR driver Bill Elliott and bring home a ’40 Ford Tudor sedan to transform into a vintage Moonshine Runner! But, when pressures mount from this high-end hot rod build, tensions boil over.

And, check out this sneak peek video, courtesy of Discovery Channel for TVRuckus readers!

Stay tuned!

“Misfit Garage” airs on Discovery Channel Motor Mondays at 9/8c.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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