‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Season 3 Tell-All: Whitney & Lennie Face Off On ‘The Skinny Part 1’ (VIDEO)

It’s time for a season 3 tell-all and review on “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” including an update of what’s occurred since filming ended. Sit back and enjoy “The Skinny Part 1” tonight at 9 p.m. on TLC. The Thore extended family members join Whitney Thore, Babs and Glenn, with one big hole in the lineup. That would be Lennie, Whitney’s boyfriend of one year. The couple broke up in the last episode aired this season and tonight he walks on stage for the first face-to-face meeting since the breakup. RECAP posted below.  PREVIEW “The Skinny Part 2: Rumors are that Lennie has a confession to make. What?

Discussion topics already announced include the “intervention” done as a funeral for Whitney, the Big Girl Dance Class clash of personalities between Whitney and Caitie and of course, what really led to the split with Lennie. In the video preview clip posted below, Whitney is shown the footage of her breakdown on the ski slopes. She calls it, “…one of the most vulnerable moments” we will see on “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”.

The season focused on the struggle to get Whitney to deal with her health issues that arose from maintaining a weight that is edging ever closer to 400 lbs. Part of the difficulty has been the refusal to change her eating habits, which caused Thore to fight with personal trainer Will, and to wrestle with how to accommodate her No Body Shame initiative with the quest to lose a significant amount of weight.

There’s never a dull moment on “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”, and on the positive side of the ledger, viewers saw Whitney take a new job at a radio station that required she be on time for a show that airs during morning drive-time. Not a an early riser to say the least, Thore cringed when told about the hours, but persevered and succeeded. There were multiple opportunities for the Big Girl Dance Class to perform in public, including a St. Patrick’s Day parade and  Whitney was asked to speak at her alma mater, Appalachian State.


Unfortunately, we were only teased with Lennie facing Whitney. He sat down with moments left in the “The Skinny Part 1” and part of the fun was watching the faces of those already on camera react to his name. Eyebrows were raised, looks were exchanged and Whitney gave some side-eye after she just finished saying that she didn’t miss him as much as she missed being in a romantic relationship.

He dressed for the occasion…not. There he was in all his splendor, hat firmly planted on his head, cargo shorts, shirt and flip-flops. The family/friends group had just said their peace about him being “the one” for Whitney. Her parents said “yes”, not because they loved him so much, but in comparison to her other boyfriends he was the best of the bunch – a ringing endorsement if we ever heard one.

It was Buddy who shocked Whitney by telling her that Lenny was never his choice as her life partner because he didn’t treat her right. It was Buddy’s best moment of the show and unlike other times where he was unable to articulate a point, he got direct and clear.

“Whitney was unhappy with things that would hint that your significant other isn’t that into you. People have funny ways of showing stuff, different from me. If I’m into someone I’m up their ass…you’re gonna hear from me and not wonder where I am.”

If Lennie has any reaction to it all it will have to wait until next week’s Part 2. Also coming in part 2 is the comedian who ripped Whitney on the radio as well as after a club date.

The bottom line for the night’s activities was Whitney having an answer to every question or statement posed about losing weight. She attributed her collapse at the dance-a-thon to lack of sleep, poor hydration, improper eating and blew off the suggestions of the ER doctor as well as her cardiologist that the size of her body put too much strain on her heart.

Once again we heard fear in Whitney’s voice when she thought of doing what she did with trainer Will in 2011. When she showed up at Will’s door she dropped 100 lbs. in one year. She credited Will for getting her in shape to post the YouTube video that got her national attention.

It got a little hazy after that when Whitney tried to explain that her goal of losing weight, at that time, was the only thing that drove her and she wasn’t comfortable looking at herself, even after that effort. The No Body Shame initiative came as a result of that; she regained the weight and added 50 more to it.

If you listen carefully, you’ll hear Whitney say that it is better for her mental health and well-being to accept herself as a fat person. She hated herself and her body for so long that she has planted her flag on the ground of being fat for the rest of her life, while admitting she should concentrate on proper nutrition, hydration and regular sleep. She’s banking on that to carry her through what is to come as she ages.

What did you think of the show?

TLC airs “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” season wrapup “The Skinny Part 1” Wednesday night August 10 at 9 p.m. ET/PT  Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission 

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4 thoughts on “‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Season 3 Tell-All: Whitney & Lennie Face Off On ‘The Skinny Part 1’ (VIDEO)

  1. Sweetie, that’s a pretty big “if”. If you watch any of the footage when she was actually losing the weight in 2012, she looked like she was literally in hell.

    Red-faced, puffing and on the verge of insisting she be allowed to stop.

    The only reason she wanted to get Will to do the stairs with her was because after he fired her and even her most devoted enablers said it was her fault, she was ever so slightly shamed into making another pass at it.

    But she hasn’t really changed. She said to him as they were parting ways after the stairs, “Have you learned your lesson?” or some such rot.

    See, it’s not her fault he dropped her. It’s HIS fault for “losing faith in her” after finding her car filled with junk food containers after she ate all the health bars and failed to replace them.

    So, I don’t see her losing 150 lbs. and taking that much stress off her heart or body.

    You’re so sweet to hope so, but I’m betting there’s no chance.

  2. She’s obese. She likes being obese. She’s not likely to ever lose the weight. She needs therapy. She won’t go to therapy. She’s obese. (And it’s not only a bad example, it’s not funny.)

    The end.

  3. Being fat is her job. She is arrogant about it. She thinks she is smarter than everybody else, including doctors and her trainer. If she were to lose weight she would have to actually get a real job and not be a reality TV “star.” She is surrounded by enablers and they are helping her too die. In many ways like Whitney, and MJ.

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