‘Braxton Family Values’ 100th Show: Braxtons on Broadway? Who’s Thrilled and Who Isn’t? (VIDEO)

“Braxton Family Values” reaches a milestone tonight with its 100th episode and you’d think there would be something big and bold to focus on. You’d be incorrect because in “Flippin’ The Bird” we’re going to see more of the same, but it’s that “same” that keeps the show going after five seasons.

The title of tonight’s episode refers to the sisters deciding to dole out some tough love to Trina about what they consider her ridiculous fear of birds. Trina’s into self-improvement these days and after seeking counseling to deal with her divorce, she makes an appointment with a hypnotist to help her get past the bird fear.  RECAP posted below. 

The sisters interrupt the session, you know, the way they tend to do, and in the video sneak peek posted below, she demonstrates that even those species that walk among us, like geese, create terror in her. At least we’re past the mystery of why Gabe appeared in multiple episodes this season.

Then we get to a meaty topic, and it’s the dream of the Braxtons on Broadway. The ladies are veteran performers, some more accomplished than others, but why not do a limited-run concert, or a musical with a plot line that strings together a story which sets up extraordinary performances by Toni, Tamar, Traci, Trina and Towanda? Tamar is shocked that the idea fizzles when put to the sisters.

Finally, we return to the story of Towanda pursuing an acting career by taking lessons from David Lee Strasberg, whose method acting technique was honed to a fine point by his father Lee. Towanda is ready to spend the time necessary to push her dream forward, and rents a condo in Los Angeles. No brainer, right? Nah, because Trina is of the belief that something else it at play.


We got a rare sighting of Towanda’s young kids and her husband when she used Facetime to tell the news that mommy was going to be staying in Los Angeles longer than expected. They’ll be going out to see her as a summer vacation treat, but Towanda’s got a lot of work to do to please her acting teaacher.

She promised David Steinberg she would be sticking around this time to make some progress. Her schedule makes your head spin. Here’s hoping she gets to the level she wants. As expected, she broke the news to Trina that she rented an apartment and the bird-phobic Braxton sister got all pouty.

What we learned as Towanda spoke with Traci and Trina, is that she wouldn’t be able to make it if she stayed with either Toni or Tamar so the apartment was much less expensive than the hotel she paid per-night. Wondering which one would be the most difficult to live with. Hmmm…

Trina got her hypnotist on the job and less than one session in, the sisters dragged her out for a test under fire. Walking past those large geese on the walking path at the park caused anxiety, but she made it through. Later she was once again behind the wheel of a car with sisters in tow and as always, they complained about her driving.

apparently Trina drives so slow, even on freeways in Los Angeles, that it fees like she’s going in reverse. Safety was cited as her reason, and again she defended herself as a good driver. Is Trina just full of anxiety all the time with triggers coming from everywhere?

The big news of the night was the offer from famous Broadway producers, responsible for Spider-Man and other big hits, for a Braxton family musical to be written, produced and opened. The call came to Vince and he told Tamar, but prior to her mentioning it to the sisters or Evelyn, the two went to New York and took the meeting.

When Tamar broke the news to everyone except Toni, presumably she was out-of-town, they were full of questions which couldn’t be answered and then Towanda got her back up. Trina went into her usual tizzy about schedules, things to do, etc., but the tension was between Tamar and Towanda.

Big sis wanted to know why no one else besides Tamar went to the meeting. In other words, are they being left out of a project that will portray, in some fashion, their real lives? If you look at the credits of the “Braxton Family Values” they list Toni, Tamar and Vince as executive producers. Perhaps Towanda is hinting that producing credits need to be handed out to all of them, not just Tamar and Vince. The episode ended with the issue unresolved. There’s more to come next week on the subject.

What do you think of a potential Broadway musical about the life of the Braxton family? It’s a no-brainer, right?

WE tv airs new episodes of “Braxton Family Values” Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission 

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